How do Order Limits Work?

You may have noticed a little counter on the top-right side of the app that tallies your shop's orders next to the limits set by your current Loyalty plan. This counter helps you keep track if you're close to exceeding your order limits. In this quick guide, we'll look at how order limits work.

Plan Order Limits at a glance

Rivo Loyalty & Rewards currently offers 5 subscription tiers, each with their own order limit amounts, which are outlined here:

  • Free - Up to 150 monthly orders

  • Starter - Up to 500 monthly orders

  • Growth - Up to 1,000 monthly orders

  • Premium - Up to 3,000 monthly orders

  • Enterprise - Unlimited monthly orders

How we count processed orders

When you first install Rivo Loyalty & Rewards, the Orders Processed counter will start at zero and increase as orders come in. Once you have the app installed for 30 days, it is a rolling last 30 days count of orders in your store. If you maintain a consistent volume of orders, this number should hover around a similar value as it is always a count of the prior 30 days and does not reset to zero on a particular day.

What happens when I exceed my limits?

If you exceed your plan limits, we set the Loyalty Program to be paused after 7 days in your store. You can prevent this by upgrading to a plan more suited to your store or you can wait until your program is unpaused. We unpause your program on your 'reset' day, which is the date you installed the app. So, for instance, if you installed the app on the 15th of February, the 15th is your account's reset day.

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