Offer a Download Link on your Popup

In this guide, we'll do a quick walkthrough on how you can offer a download link on your popup instead of a discount. If you offer digital goods such as eBooks or videos, this is a great way to give a free product to first-time customers. This is super quick and easy to set up so lets get right into it!

Offering a free download is a great alternative to a discount

Adding a download link to the Popup

  1. From your dashboard go to Opt-in Popup > Modal

  2. Scroll to Coupon Code and select No Coupon

  3. Next, go to the Texts > Success State

  4. At Button Action, select Open URL from the dropdown

  5. Paste in the link to the digital item that you're offering

  6. Optional: Check the box Open URL in new tab. We recommend this!

  7. Edit the text and design of the popup to match your offer and brand and hit Save

Now, when visitors enter their email, the button on the success state will open the download link and they can enjoy your gift!

Common questions

Can I offer a discount code as well as a download?

You can definitely do this! Although sticking to one offer at a time usually makes for a better experience.

Can I upload a file from my computer to download?

Only links to files hosted online can be added to the Popup for now. We suggest using a cloud like Google Drive to host your file online for free.

Can I add a link to a password protected download?

You can, but you will need to add the password on the success state of the popup.

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