Viewing your Subscriber List

Whenever a visitor adds their email to the opt-in popup form, they will be added to your customer list in your Shopify Admin. Rivo Popups provides a list of all customers who have signed up through your opt-in popup form, with a link to each customer's profile in your Shopify Admin.

From the dashboard, go to Subscribers - here you will see a list of all customers who have subscribed through the popup. Their email, location and subscription status and date are displayed here, along with a direct link to their profile in your Shopify Admin customer list.

View your subscriber list

Every customer who subscribes through the popup will be tagged with a subscribed status in their customer account and are automatically eligible to receive your marketing emails and newsletters.

Subscribers agree to receive marketing emails

If you use third-party apps that sync up with your Shopify customer list, e.g. Mailchimp or other email services, the customers who subscribe through Rivo Email Popups will be added to those apps as well.

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