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Rivo's email popup allows you to grow your customer list by collecting email addresses when a user visits your store. You can customize just about everything on the popup and incentivize signups by adding discounts. Rivo's popup is slick, quick and easy to use and this guide will get you started with the basics!

Video Walkthrough

Dashboard & Menu

Dashboard metrics of views and captured emails


The first thing you'll see when you log into Rivo Popups is your dashboard metric data. The metrics displayed here are:

This is the total number of all views for the popup. This includes views from users who have not subscribed yet and repeat views from the same device.

Emails Captured

The total number of all emails collected through the popup. You can view the complete list on the Subscribers page.


Navigate around the app using the sidebar menu on the left side of the screen. From here you can go to the different sections of the app:


This is the Home page section of the app. From here you can view your dashboard metrics.

Opt-in Popup

Edit and customize your opt-in popup form here.


View a list of customers who have subscribed through the popup.


Resync the app to your theme from this page.

Opt-in Popup

Customize your opt-in popup form here, including the texts, colors and images. You can fine-tune just about everything to tailor the opt-in popup form to be consistent with your brand style and voice. From this screen you can also add a discount to the popup and adjust the popup's display frequency.


View a list of email addresses collected through the opt-in popup. These email addresses are added to the customer list in your Shopify admin and are tagged with a subscriber status, meaning they are eligible to receive marketing emails.

Discount Options

You can offer your website visitors a discount on the popup that they will receive once they successfully subscribe. For more on Pop's discount options, check out our guide:


Sometimes when a Shopify theme is changed or updated, an app's code needs to be refreshed in the new version of the theme. To ensure the app is synced to your theme, go to Settings and click Sync Store. Please allow 30 seconds for the sync to complete.

If you would like to view the popup as a first-time visitor to your store would, you can clear your browser cache and refresh the page, or view your store in a private/incognito window.

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