Adding a Discount for Photo Reviews

Reviews with photos really stand out on a product page and customers love them! Incentivize your customers to attach a photo when they leave review by offering them a discount.

Adding a discount

Follow the steps below to add an automatic discount to your popup.

1. From the dashboard, go to Settings

2. Under Discount, choose Creates a unique one-time discount code for each review and select the Discount Type you'd like to use.

There are two types:

Fixed - A fixed amount deducted from the total e.g. $5.00 off.

Percentage - A percentage of the order total e.g. 10% off.

3. Enter the value of the discount and click Save

You can add an expiration to these discounts by selecting a number of days from the dropdown Discount code expires after. This is the number of days the discount will remain valid once it is generated - after this time it expires and will be unusable.

Using your own discount code

  1. Select Manual discount code for all customers to use a discount code that you have created in your Shopify admin. Learn more about this with Shopify's guide to creating discounts.

  2. Enter the discount type and amount.

  3. Enter the discount code exactly into the field and click Save.

Updating the popup text

If you offer a discount you may want to edit the text of the popup to reflect this. By default, there are two places on the popup that mention the discount when one is offered: The Upload a Photo stage and the Success stage when the review has been submitted.

If you remove your discount offer from the popup, these mentions of a discount will also be removed.

Upload a Photo text

By default, the subtext on this section of the modal will provide the value of the discount the customer receives if they leave a photo review.

To edit this text:

1. From the dashboard, go to Widget > Upload Photo

2. Under Upload Button, edit the Sub Text

The variable {{discount_amount}} will be replaced by the discount data provided in Settings

Success stage text

This is the final Thank you section of the popup that the customer sees when the successfully submit a review.

To edit this text

1. From the dashboard, go to Widget > About You

2. Under Submit Messages is the text that precedes the discount code. By default, this reads: 'Use the following discount code for {{discount_amount}} off your next purchase

3. Edit this text and Save your changes.

The variable {{discount_amount}} will be replaced by the discount data provided in Settings

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