Managing Your Product Reviews

How to publish, reply, and remove reviews from your product pages

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In this guide, we'll take a look at how to take control of the reviews your customers submit from your product pages or request emails.

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Auto-Publish Reviews

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If you want to vet and verify the content before a review is published, you can choose what kinds of reviews automatically appear on your product pages.

  1. Click Settings in the sidebar menu

  2. Click Review Moderation

  3. Under Auto Publish New Reviews, choose from one of the options:

    1. All - Automatically publish any new reviews

    2. 5-star reviews - Only auto-publish 5-star reviews

    3. 4-star above - Only auto-publish 4-star reviews or higher

    4. 3-star above - Only auto-publish 3-star reviews or higher

    5. Never - You will need to publish reviews manually from the Reviews section of the app.

Manually Publish and Unpublish Reviews

Intercom - REV - Reviews

You'll need to manually publish a review if it did not meet the criteria for auto-publishing, or if you have chosen to never auto-publish reviews. In case you prefer to hide any review that has been already published on your product page, you can choose to unpublish the content.

  1. Click Reviews in the sidebar menu

  2. Search for the review you want to show on your Widget and click Publish. The status will change after a few seconds.

  3. If you want to hide the review, click Unpublish.

Reply to a Review

Intercom - REV - Reply

Acknowledge the time and effort your customers took to provide feedback by posting a reply.

  1. Click Reviews in the sidebar menu

  2. Find the product review you'd like to reply to and click Reply

  3. Write your response and click Send. Your reviewer will receive an email with your response.

  4. Optional: If you want to display your reply on your product page, check the option Make reply public.

    Intercom - REV - Make reply public

Review Reply email notification

Intercom - REV - Review Reply

To make sure that your reviewers receive a notification with your reply, please enable the Review Reply email.

  1. Go to Requests Queue > Emails

  2. Find Review Reply on the list and then toggle the switch ON to enable the notification. If needed, click Edit to customize the template.

💡 Find out more: Read more about all email notifications available on Enabling and Customizing Email Notifications.

Explicit Opt-In

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This option guarantees that notifications are sent only to customers with a marketing status of subscribed in Shopify.

  1. Go to Settings > Email

  2. Scroll down to Require Explicit Opt-In and toggle the switch ON.

✨ Find more about this feature on Customizing Your Emails Settings.

Deleting Reviews

Intercom - REV - Delete review

There might be multiple reasons to remove a review instead of hiding it, that's why we provide an option to help you have total control over your reviews.

  1. Click Reviews in the sidebar menu

  2. Find the product review you'd like to delete and check the box at the left of the review

  3. Click Delete

  4. Confirm that you want to delete the review by clicking Continue.

📝 Note: Deleting a review cannot be undone once confirmed.

Performing Actions on Multiple Reviews

To perform actions on multiple reviews:

  1. Check the box at the left of each review or check the option at the top of the page that says Showing X of Y reviews to select the entire page of reviews

  2. Select the action from the menu that will appear under the search bar:

    1. Publish

    2. Unpublish

    3. Delete.

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