Customizing the Reviews Widget

Completely customize the look and feel of your review widget and popup for a seamless on-brand experience. This guide explains the customizations available in the Widget section of the app.

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Reviews Widget

Take complete control of how your reviews look on your product pages.

Widget Status

Toggle this switch ON and OFF to enable or disable the reviews widget. Toggling this OFF will remove your products' star ratings and published reviews.

Reviews List/Ratings

Edit the texts used for the Review Listings here and adjust how many reviews to show on your pages.

Review - Adjust the text for the aggregated rating above your reviews list. The default is Rating and this text will automatically pluralize when there are two or more reviews.

Reviewed on - This is the text that appears _before_ the date on a review. This text will only be displayed if you have checked the Show review date? option.

Review Widget Button - Edit the text for the button encouraging customers to write a product review.

Review Limit per page - Here you can set a limit on how many reviews you want to appear on your product page at a time.

Show review date? - Check this box to display the date the product review was submitted.

Write a Review Popup

Customize your review popup modal for a completely native look.

Select Rating

Here you can edit the Title text and the star rating captions that are displayed on the popup when a customer clicks to leave a review.

Upload Photo

From here you can edit the texts that are displayed on the next section of the popup where a user uploads a product photo.

Tell Us More

Here you can edit the texts on the next section of the popup where the customer writes their review.

About You

From here you can edit the texts that are displayed on the section of the popup where the customer enters their details and the final success state of the popup where they receive their discount.


Ensure you reviews widget is on-brand with custom color designs!

Add a splash of color

Modal Header

Change the color of the Header and Subtext that are displayed at the very top of the review popup.

Write a Review - Button

Customize the colors of the 'Write a Review' button that is displayed on your product pages.


Customize the color of the stars and the text displayed with them. These are the caption texts that appear under the 1, 3 and 5 star options on the popup and the text for the number of reviews beside the star rating on your product page.


Customize the colors of the button that appears on the final stages of the popup i.e. the Choose photo, Next, Done, and Close buttons.

Text Field

Customize the border color of the text field and the input text where the customer writes their review.


From here you can customize the color of links and the footer text on the popup.

Common Questions

Can I change or import custom fonts to the widget?

We can change the font by adding browser safe fonts using CSS on the back end. However, importing custom fonts to the widget is not yet possible at the moment. You can reach out to our Support Engineers at [email protected] team to help add browser safe fonts using CSS.

Can I have the "Upload A Photo" step on the widget removed?

This is a feature request and has been submitted to our engineering team. For now, we don't have an ETA yet on when this will be available.

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