Importing Reviews With a CSV File

Import reviews from your previous app with Rivo's CSV Importer

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A CSV (comma-separated values) file is a plain text file that contains data that are separated by commas. It allows data to be saved in a tabular format, so using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets are both excellent ways to prepare it.

โœจ Reviews import is available in all plans

Preparing the CSV File

To import reviews into our Rivo Product Reviews app, download our template here and make sure that it contains the fields required. Below is the list of what the headers in the template are for and where you can find the data.






The status of the review. It can either be published or unpublished



The title of the review



This is where the content of the review should be



It indicates the number of stars and can be any number from 1 to 5

email (*)


The reviewer's email address



The first name of the reviewer



The last name of the reviewer



Only reviews submitted through our request emails can be shown as verified



The unique identifier for your product



The name of your product which is also displayed on your website for the customers to see



The unique name given to your product in both Shopify Admin and the online store

photo_url (**)


The image URL for your review

video_url (**)


The video URL for your review



The date when the review was posted. The format to use here has to be YYYY-MM-DD



The content of your reply to the customers' reviews



The date when you replied to the review

(*) There cannot be multiple reviews from the same email for a single product

(**) Currently, Rivo only supports 1 media file (either a photo or a video) per review

Where to find the product ID, title, and handle?

This data can be found in your Shopify admin.

  1. Go to your Shopify admin > click Products > select a product

  2. Copy the number string at the end of the URL (Product ID)

  3. Copy the name below Title (Product Title)

  4. Scroll down to Search engine listing and copy the number string after /products/ in the URL (Product Handle). You can also click Edit to display the full URL handle.

Using the CSV File to Import Reviews

Once you have filled in all the fields, please go to your Rivo account and follow the steps below.

  1. Click Settings in the sidebar menu

  2. Click Import Reviews

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  3. Click Add file to select the .csv file from your computer's folders or drag and drop the file into the area

  4. You'll see the message "Your reviews are being imported and will be available in a few minutes" on the page. Go back to Reviews to see the reviews imported.

Common Questions

My reviews were not imported. Why?

This could be due to different reasons:

  • The date format was not correct. Please use YYYY-MM-DD

  • There were multiple reviews from the same email for a single product. Please use dummy email addresses if required

  • Required fields were not filled in:

    • state

    • body

    • stars

    • email

    • first_name

    • product_id

    • product_title

    • product_handle

    • rated_at

I cannot complete my reviewer's details. What can I do?

  • email โ€” If there are no email addresses available, you can use a dummy address

  • first_name โ€” If the name is not available, it can be changed to something like Anonymous or A reviewer

  • last_name โ€” This is optional. You can either use initials to hide sensitive information or leave it blank.

I can't successfully import my reviews or I need help migrating to Rivo Product Reviews. Can you assist me?

Please reach out to us via [email protected] to help you with your request!

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