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Display Review Stars on Your Product, Collections, and Home Pages
Display Review Stars on Your Product, Collections, and Home Pages
Place your review stars on pages across your store
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Integrate the Rivo review stars on individual collections and product templates across your online store.

โœจ This feature is available in all plans

How to Add Review Stars to Any Page on Your Shopify Store

Adding review stars to your products is a fantastic way to integrate reviews across the entire customer journey. Rivo's reviews stars can be added to the collections, product, and homepage templates by just simply adding a piece of custom code.

Collection pages

  1. Open your Shopify admin

  2. Click Online Store in the sidebar menu

  3. Go to Themes and select the theme you'd like to add the stars on

  4. Click Actions > Edit code

  5. Open your collection or product template that your products use. Sometimes it is called product-item.liquid or card-product.liquid

  6. Copy the snippet below and paste it where you want the review stars to appear. We suggest placing it below the product title or product price

<!-- Rivo Reviews Stars Begin -->
<div class="rivo-reviews-star-rating" data-product-id="{{ }}" data-rating="{{ product.metafields.ba_rev.review_data.stars }}" data-count="{{ product.metafields.ba_rev.review_data.reviews_count }}"> <div class="rivo-reviews-rating-count"></div></div>
<!-- Rivo Reviews Stars End -->

๐Ÿ’ก Pro Tip: Reach out to the live chat support team if you are not sure where to add the snippet - we'll help you add it to your theme for you!

Adding Custom CSS or an Individual Style to Your Review Stars

Looking to use your own custom CSS? Reach out to our team with your CSS and we'll add it on the back end for you!

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