Moving the Star Ratings and Reviews Widget with Theme App Blocks

Use Shopify Online Store 2.0 Theme App Extensions to customize where your star ratings and reviews widget appear

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By default, Rivo's star ratings are placed below the product title, and the reviews widget is located directly under the product information section. To change the placement of the stars or the widget on your product pages using your Shopify theme editor, follow the steps below.

✨ Only Shopify stores using Online Store 2.0 can follow these instructions

How to Move the Star Ratings and Reviews Widget

The steps in this guide apply to Online Store 2.0 compatible themes. For vintage themes, open a chat with us or email [email protected] for help moving the widget to a different location.

  1. Open your Online Store 2.0 theme editor in Shopify (Online Store > Themes > Customize)

  2. Navigate to the product template that you'd like to change

  3. In the sidebar menu, click Add block, and under Apps select Rivo Review Stars.

  4. For the widget, click Add section or Add block, and under Apps select Rivo Review Widget

  5. Drag and drop the stars or the widget in the order you'd like them to display on your page

  6. Click the Save button.

Reach out to our live chat support if you have any other questions, or share any ideas with us here!

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