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Points for Posting a Rivo Product Review
Points for Posting a Rivo Product Review

Connect your Rivo apps in just a few clicks

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We're excited to present our Rivo Reviews integration with Rivo Loyalty! This integration is super simple and doesn't require any API keys or external workflows! This guide shows how you can connect our apps in just a few clicks so your customers can earn points for leaving a product review.

✨ You'll need to have the Rivo Product Reviews app installed on your Shopify store before starting this process.

Connect with Rivo Product Reviews

  1. From your Loyalty dashboard, go to Programs > Points.

  2. Find the Earning Points section and click Add Another Way to Earn.

  3. Click Post a product review.

  4. In the 'Post a product review' settings, select Rivo reviews as your review app.

  5. Enter the points amount you wish to award.

  6. Optional: Add a limit to how many times each customer can earn points for leaving a review.

  7. Click Save and make sure the status is set to On.

Common Questions

Will the app award points to all my customers?

By default, Rivo awards Loyalty points to Members only. However, you could change the Points program participation in your settings. Please check out Change Points program participants for more information.

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