Video walkthrough

Adding your own custom font to the Rivo email popup is a fantastic way to keep your store on-brand. Below is a video walkthrough of how you can add your store's font in minutes using CSS.

Adding your custom font

In the example below we'll walk through how to add your own custom font using a google font and the @import method.

📝 Our app allows imported fonts from the following sources:

Note: Currently fonts imported from Shopify are not compatible with this process. This is a feature that will be available shortly!

1. First, sync your store via the settings page

2. From the Rivo dashboard, go to Opt-in popup > Styles > Custom CSS

3. Copy the CSS below and paste it in the Custom CSS field

@import url('[email protected];700&display=swap');

.ba_widget_parent {
font-family: 'Sono', sans-serif;

.ba_widget_content {
font-family: 'Sono', sans-serif;

Note: we're using the Sono font from Google, but you can use your own font.

4. Click Save and preview the popup on your store

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