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Rivo Updates and Changelog
Rivo Updates and Changelog
Improvements and updates to Rivo Loyalty & Referrals and platform
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Hey there! At Rivo, we're always making the platform better by adding new features, fixing pesky bugs, and updating our docs. This changelog is where you can keep up with all the latest updates and improvements.

May 2023

Coming soon

  • New Analytics dashboard

Bug fixes

  • New plan is not activated after the upgrade

  • Loyalty data not being synced to Mailchimp

  • Cannot save additional benefits for VIP Tiers

  • New stores cannot connect with integrations: Mailchimp, Gorgias

  • Unable to save custom domain for email

  • Cannot select or display more than 10 variants in a Free Product reward

  • Unable to set custom URL path for emails.

April 2023

Rivo Loyalty & Referrals as an embedded app!

To improve the performance and user experience, we say goodbye to Rivo Loyalty & Referrals as a standalone app and we welcome the embedded version in the Shopify admin panel to make everything simpler and faster.

Small but important improvements

  • New date format for birthdates in Klaviyo (YYYY-MM-DD)

Bug fixes

  • Unable to activate an email notification

  • Unused rewards cannot be refunded

  • Email analytics not loading

  • Points balance metafield not updating after completing the action 'Place an order'

March 2023

Bug fixes

  • Referrals not being sorted in chronological order

  • Loyalty status not updated after the account activation

  • Points Earned email notification sent after Loyalty points expire

  • Rivo custom properties not sent to some Postscript accounts

  • Unable to redeem a Free Product reward

February 2023

Attentive integration

Attentive + Rivo = <3. We're excited to announce our native integration with Attentive. Connect Rivo & Attentive

Postscript integration

With the native Postscript integration, can use various SMS variables in your campaigns. Connect Rivo & Postscript

Custom destination URLs in emails

Add a custom destination URL to transaction emails in Rivo. Nice!

Load your loyalty page anywhere (including the customer account)

Load your dedicated page from any page on your Shopify website. Just add <div id="rivo-page-wrapper" style="min-height:800px;"></div> on liquid template you want it to appear on. And yes! This means you can also load it on multiple pages, not just one.

Add custom CSS & fonts to Loyalty Prompts

You can now add your own custom styles to Loyalty Prompts in the app. Try it out!

Small but important improvements

  • Added support for a new API endpoint to show earning_rules

  • Added ability to pull in custom fonts from Shopify through CSS

  • Improved metafield versioning and naming conventions to Rivo metafields

  • Added ability to allow incremented points decimal points_amount/base currency amount when points_type is "multiplier". Which means custom spending amounts for earnings points through orders.

  • Improved loading time using the Rivo loyalty page editor

  • The Upcoming Reward text is now hidden in the Widget if members have enough points for redemption

  • Improved fallback font selection favoring the font family

  • Now you can turn on/off the Loyalty prompts from the Prompts page

  • Improved handling of deleted profiles after integration syncs

  • We now allow API users to redeem incremented rewards, nice.

  • Increased Ways to Redeem Limit on Loyalty Page

  • Added "Celebrate a Birthday" to the custom Ways to Earn for VIP Tiers

  • Added proper in-app CSS formatting. No more squished text boxes.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Earning Rule Limits aren't applying on JS custom actions

  • Fixed issue where "NaN" amount off showing in the widget for Incremented points type reward

  • Fixed an issue where a custom icon for Upcoming Rewards/VIP tiers doesn't show on the preview after uploading your own image

  • Fixed a bug where all points are deducted when the partially refunded order is in another currency

Coming soon

  • Major Referrals Platform V2 Release

  • Rivo Partner Program

January 2023

Rivo Developer Toolkit

Introducing the Rivo Developer Toolkit. Get started by using Metafields, our Rest API, and our Front End Javascript API to build unique loyalty experiences. Explore the developer toolkit & docs.

Added a new Shopify Flow Trigger - VIP Tier Updated

You can use this new trigger to add a tag to a customer when they reach a specific tier. Use in conjunction with other apps to offer exclusive access to products/sales e.g. Locksmith (via tag) and create custom email campaigns.

Small but important improvements

  • Improved backend infrastructure and system response times. As a result, you should see the app running much faster now.

  • Re-upped error handling and in-app messaging

  • Improved Optimization with ActiveStorage image file sizes

  • Added the ability to customize the earning action limit

  • Birthdates from Rivo are now sent to Klaviyo

  • Now you can choose per page select on the Activity page

  • Add options to change a discount's purchase type to One-time, Subscription or both.

  • Added the ability to to undo "Reward for Past Actions" points backfill – contact our support team and we'll give you a hand with this!

  • Ability to embed points balance anywhere using metafields

  • Improved Loyalty page modal

  • Improved layout for widget launcher button

  • Ability to exclude products from the loyalty program

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Incorrect order of words in sentences with languages written from right to left

  • Fixed a rare problem where VIP discount rewards are issued twice

  • Popular Rewards sum in Analytics is always 10, this should have never been the case, and now your rewards sum might still be 10, but only when they actually are.

  • Resolved a rare problem where a small percentage of Guests as program participants but didn't earn points for placing orders. Points have been backfilled for those guests and now resolved.

  • Disable Loyalty Prompts on new installs by default

  • Fixed a bug where "Points canceled" was up twice on the Dedicated Page in the Customer tab

  • Resolved an issue where Loyalty status wasn't updating to Member after account activation in rare circumstances

  • Resolved a problem where the word "Undefined" is added next to the points balance on the top bar of the Widget

Coming soon

  • Referrals V2

  • Postscript & Attentive integrations

December 2022

Ability to Embed a Customer’s Reward Points Balance Anywhere

This allows you to embed their points balance on any area of your store that allows for HTML formatting. It’s quick and simple copy and paste of our code! If you have any questions reach out to our Solutions Engineers to help.

Small but important improvements

  • Guests are now able to earn points via imports

  • Allowed discounts to be applied to subscriptions, one-time purchases, or both

  • Updated customer sign ups to redirect to the dedicated page after completion

  • Made additions to our Weekly Email Summaries for Loyalty to provide more robust data

  • Introduced Points Cancelation to return any loyalty points if there are returns or refunds

  • Added the ability to filter by Points and VIP Tiers within Loyalty Dashboard

  • Initial steps taken to offer the use of metafields which help allow maximum customization in the Loyalty App

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an error saving when trying to enable the Dedicated Loyalty Page in the Dashboard

  • Corrected an bug where you were unable to change the footer email on Review Requests

  • Fixed a rare bug where the Popup App would say successful but not save the emails that were entered

  • Corrected the Loyalty App where the VIP program was not automatically enabling after updating VIP Tiers

  • Fixed an issue where Rivo advertising for our Reviews App was covering some of the settings in our Popup App Dashboard

Coming soon

  • Rivo Developer Tool Kit - That means metafields!

  • New Shopify Flow Triggers

November 2022

The Ability to Display Potential Points for Products

Potential points is an excellent way to help convince customers to make a purchase. The feature displays how many reward points that would earn if they purchased the product they’re currently viewing. This feature is available on ALL plans, even free!

Custom Fonts in the Loyalty Floating Widget

Create more customization and freedom you now have the ability to import fonts VIA CSS from multiple sources and create a more immersive and integrated experience with your Loyalty Widget.

Small but important improvements

  • Added the option to use Points as a Referral Reward

  • Created the ability to sync Loyalty data with Klaviyo (contact support for access)

  • Added sharing referral URLs with Whatsapp to help provide the most possibilities for conversions

  • Created the ability to start using Shopify Flow Triggers

  • Added the feature to have Loyalty Points expire after a chosen timeframe. This will incentive customers to make additional purchases

  • You can now add custom icon to the Earn Points section of the Loyalty App

Bug fixes

  • Fixed error with saving changed made after enabling the Email Opt-In Level in Loyalty App

  • Corrected an error affecting some Legacy stores who could not click “Email” in the Points Program section.

  • Adjusted the order of operations because customers were not appearing in the App customer list until they placed an order.

  • Fixed an issue where members could not see Ways to Redeem section on their floating widget

  • Corrected an issue that was causing Review Requests to end up in “Failed” status and not be sent to customers

  • Fixed an issue where after fulfilling all requirements a review discount was not being emailed to the customer

Coming soon

  • Custom Loyalty Points Embedding!

October 2022

Weekly Loyalty Summary Email

This new email shows an overview of your Loyalty Program and lets you see the value at a glance. You’re able to view New Members, Points Redemption Percentage, Total Sales Generated and more. This will be available to all plans to help bring metrics that matter directly to your inbox.

Small but important improvements

  • The option to add custom icon to the Ways to Redeem section

  • Rolled out Oauth applications to make integration easier

  • Created a display where you can view Loyalty App dashboard metrics by time period with comparison data

  • The ability to rearrange the panels in your Loyalty Widget

  • Added customer CSS fields for our pages and widgets

  • Adjusted the class names within our Way To Earn and Rewards cards to negate any confusion with Shopify content classes

  • Added a “Recovered by App” tab to display all abandoned carts that were recovered by Rivo assistance

  • The ability to import all orders when a fresh install is completed

  • Added the feature to have loyalty points adjusted when an order is voided

  • The ability to add custom fonts on your Pop Up App

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where bulk imported reviews were not displaying on the product page (but were displaying in the reviews dashboard)

  • There were issues with the smoothness of the scrolling on Loyalty app pages on a mobile device that were corrected

  • Corrected an issue that caused the App not to be accessible from ur Admin panel

  • Fixed an issue where Loyalty app would not save the Dedicated Page if the CSS field was left blank

  • Added the option to translate “See More Reviews” in Reviews app to create better continuity for non-english stores

  • After an API event was completed Loyalty Points wee not updating

  • Fixed an issue where the text color changes were not being applied in widget preview

  • Fixed a bug where the first 100 reviews imported via CSV were being duplicated

  • Corrected a bug where customers were not receiving awards from the referrals program

  • Fixed an issue where first abandon cart email was not being sent out as expected

Coming soon

  • Potential Points displays for all Loyalty App users!

  • Custom Fonts in the Loyalty Widget!

September 2022

Loyalty Prompts

We’ve introduced several Loyalty Prompts which can be used to nudge your customers into various actions. Currently you’re able to display customized prompts for Signing Up, Points Engagement, and Rewards Engagement. You can find these options on your Dashboard > On-Site Display > Prompts. Loyalty Prompts are available on ALL paid plans!

Small but important improvements

  • Created the ability to reset points in our Administrative Dashboard for situations when stores want to start fresh with point totals.

  • Added the ability for Loyalty Prompt to be set on either the right or left side of the screen

  • Changed the wording for several areas within the Loyalty Dashboard to make processes easier to understand

  • Added custom icons to our Earn Points section of the widget

  • Created new integrations with Okendo to allow for rewards to be granted based on reviews while using their app

  • Added the ability to add and edit CSS for the Pop Up App with our Admin dashboard without needing to access individual stores

  • We added the ability to to set order limits manually from our Administrative side which benefits in custom plans

  • Added a demo video to our Pop Up App Dashboard to help merchants learn how to use the app successfully

Bug fixes

  • Corrected an issue where Orders Processed number was decreasing hourly instead of daily

  • We fixed a typo on our VIP Tiers - Even the pros make typing mistakes 🙃

  • Corrected a code issue that was causing an HTTP Error 500 when accessing the Pop Up App

  • We also fixed a similar HTTP Error 500 in the Loyalty App install process

  • Several icons on our Dedicated Page were not able ot be edited via CSS

  • Fixed an issue where merchants were unable to hide/display various blocks on their Dedicated Page

  • We corrected a bug where during Loyalty App installation it would not allow you the choose the free plan

  • Fixed a bug that was causing long delay times to load the Loyalty Page for customers

Coming soon

  • Weekly Loyalty Metrics Summary Emails!

August 2022

Ability to Send Emails From Your Own Domain

Now you can wrap even more of your communications in your own branding! For all Loyalty Customers in our Growth plan and up you have the ability to integrate your own domain with our email communications. Then, all emails triggered from Rivo will come directly from you!

Small but important improvements

  • Added the ability to you displace our Account Embed on the customer address page as well for enhanced flexibility

  • Made code improvements to reduce our internal load times and provide a smoother customer experience

  • Added additional Translation options into the Loyalty App to allow non-english merchants additional customization

  • Created a new rule to allow for points earning from TikTok

  • Created centralized branding so merchants can choose their basic design and have it carry throughout

  • Added the ability to control how points are processed; online, POS, or both in the Loyalty App

  • Implemented the option for merchants to create and integrate Custom Ways To Earn within the Loyalty App

  • Upgraded to Ruby on Rails

  • Added the ability for APIs to create, update, and destroy webhooks

  • Rolled out the ability to to grant Points in the Loyalty App when customers leave reviews

Bug fixes

  • Corrected an issue where the Review Widget font is italic when leaving a review from the Review Request Email

  • Order more than 60 days old were getting points and emails when imported to the Loyalty App

  • Fixed the Pop Up App where the Sticky Coupon bar was not displaying on some stores as expected

  • Delete rewards button in Loyalty App was not functioning and merchants were unable to remove old rewards

  • The automated email for Sign Up Points as not being sent out to Loyalty customers

  • Corrected an issue where Birthday Reward Points were not being sent for the customer’s second year as a member

  • Fixed an “Application Error” that occurred when importing into the Reviews App

  • The title and product image were not being added to the review request emails being sent to customers

  • In the Loyalty App merchants were getting an HTTP 500 error when creating their Dedicated Page

  • Fixed an issue where the Widget would disappear once logged in for some Loyalty Customers

Coming soon

  • Custom Loyalty Points Embedding!

July 2022

Added Shopify Flow Connections for Loyalty

With the addition of Shopify Flow we will be able to create complex and fully custom flows of rewarding customers, managing custom tier level rewards, and provide the maximum amount of reward uniqueness store by store. Flow will be available on Growth plans and higher!

Small but important improvements

  • Added the option to change text color in “be the first person to write a review” in the Reviews Widget

  • Allowed access for our merchants to configure webhooks within the Loyalty App

  • We’ve made the Star Rating an anchor now to the Reviews Widget to increase the ease customers can read reviews

  • Created an Error Monitoring module on Bugsnag to better track issues before they cause end user problems

  • Major improvements to the user interface for the customers and contacts listings for easier viewing and navigation

  • Created the option to export your reviews as a CSV file from the Reviews App

  • Framework to allow API access for headless stores

Bug fixes

  • The Loyalty App was reward points for POS transactions that were not eligible

  • Corrected a bug where our Enterprise plan were shown order limits on the Admin Dashboard

  • Fixed an issue were fonts were unable to be saved on the Dedicated Page in the Loyalty App

Coming soon

  • Custom Email Domain Integration for Loyalty App!

June 2022

The Future is API, Rivo API V1 is Here!

This is only the first step in a long process of ensuring Rivo can tie in to our merchant’s most used apps to provide the most value and the ultimate way to manage your entire customer universe. Keep an eye on the horizon as we introduce more and more API connections and features in the coming months!

Small but important improvements

  • Added additional options for translations in the Reviews App

  • Created the ability to delete email subscribers and reset stats in the Loyalty Dashboard

  • Added the ability to merchants to configure their webhooks

  • Provided the ability to apply discounts to recurring charges in merchant stores

  • Created the ability to use custom fonts on your Loyalty dedicated page

Bug fixes

  • Corrected issues with social media follow and share rewards that didn’t require any action to be completed

  • Fixed an issue where incremental rewards could not be redeemed from the Loyalty Widget

  • Resolved a bug where loading a new page removed the sticky bar in the Pop Up app

  • Corrected a bug where VIP Tiers were not displaying the Tier Benefits on the dedicated page

  • Resolved a variety of HTTP 500 Errors

  • Fixed an issue where members were not syncing in Klaviyo

Coming soon

  • Shopify Flow is Coming to Rivo!!

May 2022

New Prompts For Loyalty App!

There are now prompts available to increase account creation, points spending, and reward usage. These are in the form of optional popups that will display based on the the customer’s account status or current page. This added layer of interaction allows your customers more opportunity to sign up or place their orders.

Klaviyo V1 Integration Goes Live!

Klaviyo is one of the popular Email/SMS marketing platforms on Shopify and we’re proud to announce we can now pass our Loyalty information over so you can create the most flexible and tailor fit marketing campaigns for your customers.

Small but important improvements

  • We added the Loyalty Landing Page for merchants to use

  • Improved how we managed previous member’s points when the Loyalty App is reinstalled

  • Our Judge.Me integration with OAuth went live

  • Improved the Klaviyo integration UI

  • Added a system to exclude explicit content from public reviews

  • Created the option to have a full page version of the Loyalty Widget

Bug fixes

  • Corrected an error when trying to download the the template for our Import Loyalty CSV example

  • Fixed a display issue where Incremented Rewards always displays the $ symbol

  • Resolved an issue with deleting reviews where they showed on the product page but not in the Reviews App

  • Corrected an issue where review request emails where sent after the Reviews App was uninstalled

  • Fixed a problem where excluded customers were re-enabled if they made an order

  • Resolved an issue where the widget header was being cut off on mobile for Loyalty App

Coming soon

  • Rivo’s API V1 is coming to town - connect your most needed apps and integrate your business!

April 2022

Account Points Embed is Now Available!

The more we keep your Loyalty program on the customer’s mind the better. We’ve released a floating widget that can be embedded in the Account page to remind your customers they have points to spend! It’s fully customizable and available on all paid plans!

Small but important improvements

  • Introduced the ability to filter and segment customers to target specific audiences

  • Created a Tools area of the Loyalty App to help merchants access the most important features

  • Provided the ability to preview the widget on your stores

  • Made small dashboard updates to improve usability and performance in the Loyalty App

  • Added the ability to customize the widget with your brand colors and styles

Bug fixes

  • Free Product Reward was not showing all the variants for the product

  • Fixed a bug where we were unable to remove branding from Reviews App

  • Resolved an issue where the Review button on emails lead to a 404 error page

  • Corrected an issue where customers were not appearing in the customer section but being counted on the dashboard

  • Fixed an issue where merchants were unable to edit Free Product rewards

Coming soon

  • New Engagement Prompts for the Loyalty App!

  • Klaviyo V1 Integration is arriving to Rivo!!

March 2022

Enhance Branding with Customer Fonts in Loyalty App

You’re no longer limited to default fonts in the Loyalty App! Keep the flow, design, and brand of your store consistent by adding your custom fonts to all of our Loyalty areas now too. Using CSS we can now import fonts and apply your preferred font family across our app.

Small but important improvements

  • Added an Activity Feed to the Loyalty Dashboard

  • Upgraded to Ruby 2.7

  • Added curated metrics to the Loyalty Dashboard to allow merchants to view the created value of the app

  • Created the ability for merchants to create and regenerate API keys in Loyalty App

  • Applied the ability to edit the “be the first person….” text in Reviews widget

  • Added the option to import bulk import orders for review requests in the Reviews app

  • Created the option to hide/show stars in the Reviews App

  • Finalized the ability to send emails via custom domains with Mailgun

Bug fixes

  • Corrected an issue were the Share via Email button was not opening to the user’s email client

  • Resolved an issue were the Review Widget was showing with a horizontal scroll bar

  • Fixed an issue were the Reviews app widget was not appearing and various console errors were present instead

  • Loyalty app was not sending emails notifications for Points Earned

  • Corrected the page rules in the Popup App because they were not working as designed

  • Discount count was not displaying correctly at check out

  • Resolved an issue where updating the colors in the Reviews App was not saving correctly

Coming soon

  • Account Page Points Embed!

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