Understanding your partner portal

When you log in to your partner portal, you will land on your Dashboard. Here you’ll find the most relevant information you may need:

  • Affiliate link - your unique affiliate link to refer people to the program.

  • Clicks - the number of times your unique link has been clicked.

  • Signups - the number of people who signed up through your affiliate link.

  • Sales - the number of sales your referrals have made.

  • Revenue - the total amount of money you’ve earned in this program.

  • Available payout - pending rewards that haven’t been paid out yet.

  • Recent activity - the most recent signups and sales from your referrals.

Other pages on the portal include:


Here you’ll find the full referral activity and will be able to search or filter by date or action.


The resources section contains all marketing materials, such as brand assets, banners, marketing messaging, and anything else the program owner shares. Additionally, here you can customize your referral link and create new links.


Find information about total revenue, currently available payout balance, and already paid rewards, along with the option to submit a new payout request and payouts history section.


Here you can monitor your performance by reviewing data about clicks, signup, and sales in custom date ranges.

My profile

Here you can edit your personal information, change your password, manage email notifications and delete your account.

Create custom referral links

When you join the Rivo Partner, you will get a default unique referral link, consisting of a string of letters and numbers. We understand that you may want to change it to something relevant to you or create additional links. Here’s how to do that.

Customize your default referral link

To change your default referral link:

  1. Log in to the Partner portal (the link for each program is unique).

  2. Go to Resources.

  3. In the Referral links section, click on the three dots next to your default link and click Manage:

  4. In the Identification code field, delete the existing value and enter your own:

  5. Click Update.

Create additional referral links

To create new referral links:

  1. Log in to the Partner portal (the link for each program is unique).

  2. Go to Resources.

  3. Click Create new referral URL.

  4. From the dropdown, choose which domain you’d like to use. The program owner adds domains, there might be only one option available.

  5. Enter a new Identification code and click Create.

Here are the guidelines you should follow when creating custom identification codes:

  • Only include letters, numbers, and the following characters: -_.

  • No spaces or special characters.

  • Keep it short and sweet (up to 64 characters).

  • You can use upper and lower case when sharing your link, however, it is not case sensitive, which means domain.com/a/YourLink and domain.com/a/yourlink are considered the same.

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