How To Verify Your Reviews
Add a verified sticker to your reviews to increase credibility
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The Verified badge feature allows you to indicate for each review whether or not a customer has truly purchased the item being reviewed.

✨ The Verified badge is available on the Essentials plan and up. Compare plans β†’


  • Increase credibility

  • Potential buyers are most likely to trust reviews from verified purchases

  • Easily identify and remove reviews from anonymous or unverified sources.

Enable the Verified Badge

A reviewer can be marked as a verified customer after submitting their review from the review request email. To display the badge on your product pages, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Onsite in the sidebar menu

  2. Under Product Page Widget, click Reviews List

    Image 2023-06-01 at 2.55.39 PM
  3. Scroll to the bottom to find the Voting & Recommendations section

  4. Check the option Show verified badge?

    Intecom - REV - Verified Badge
  5. Below Verified Text, enter the translation for the text along with the verified badge. If you prefer to leave it empty, enter a space

  6. Click Save. The result in your store should be something like this:

    Intercom - REV

πŸ’‘ Pro Tip: To hide the badge from the reviews, uncheck the option Show verified badge? and save changes.

Customize the icon

  1. Go to Onsite > Design

  2. Click Colors

  3. Scroll down to the Others section and click Icon Color to pick the color or enter the HTML code

  4. Click Save.

πŸ“ Note: Icon color applies to the verified badges, recommendations, and votes.

Common Questions

Can I verify a review manually?

This option is not available at the moment as the Verified badge can be only added to the reviews submitted under request. You can still post your feedback here to help us understand your needs and prioritize items in our roadmap.

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