How do Customers use their points?

Learn how your customers can use their Loyalty Points.

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How do Customers use their points?

Once a customer has created an account on your store, they are eligible to start earning and redeeming Loyalty points. Customers earn points through the Ways to Earn that you have set up in the app. These include points for creating an account, placing orders and following you on social media. See this section of our Pre-launch Checklist Guide for more information on setting up your Ways to Earn and Rewards.

When they have earned enough points, customers can start redeeming rewards. The rewards you have created will appear in the Ways to Redeem section of the widget:

A signed-in customer's view of the app widget

When a customer clicks Redeem on a reward, a discount code will be generated that they can copy and apply to their next order at checkout. Each reward is worth a certain amount of points. How many points needed to redeem a reward is totally up to you. Once a reward has been redeemed, its points value will be deducted from the customer's total.

If a customer redeems a reward and wants to use it later, it will be saved in the Rewards section of the app widget.

How to redeem a reward

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