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Sending Review Requests
Sending Review Requests
Follow up with your customers once their order is fulfilled by sending them a review request
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Following up after a purchase is a great way to proactively grow your reviews and connect with your happy customers. Rivo has 2 customizable email prompts that can be sent automatically after the order is fulfilled.

✨ Review requests are available in all plans

Requests Queue

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New orders will appear here and once they are marked fulfilled, they are eligible to receive automated review request emails. Each order will be assigned a status:

  • Awaiting Fulfilment - Paid but unfulfilled orders. These orders are not yet eligible to receive a review request

  • In Progress - Fulfilled orders that are currently eligible to receive a review request email

  • Completed - Fulfilled orders that have passed through the requests queue and have successfully received their review request emails

  • Cancelled - Cancelled orders. These customers will not receive a review request.

Request Emails

Enable and edit the review request emails sent to your customers after their orders are fulfilled.

  1. Click Requests Queue in the sidebar menu > Emails

  2. Toggle the switch ON or OFF to enable or disable an email notification

  3. Click Edit on a notification to customize the messaging of your emails.

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Considerations for the Review Request and Review Request Reminder emails templates:

  • Below the email notification status, you can find the email analytics

  • Click Send test email to receive a test email to your Shopify account email

  • Product images are added automatically when live emails are sent

  • The {{product_title}} variable is replaced with the product name

  • All emails share the same footer content

  • Make sure to click Save when you're happy with your changes!

✨ Upgrade to the Essentials plan (or above) to customize your email settings and style. Customizing Your Emails β†’

Request timing

Customize the time frame request emails are sent after order fulfillment.

  1. Go to Settings > Review Request Timings

  2. Below Send request email one enter the number of days after the order fulfillment that you want to wait before sending a review request. By default, it's set to 14 days

  3. Optional: Below Send request email two enter the number of days after email one that you want to wait before sending the email reminder.

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πŸ“ Note: New changes in the request timing won't apply to queued requests.

Common Questions

Can a customer review each product separately in their order?

Not at this time. Currently, when you send a review request, the customer can only review once for the first line item in the order.

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