Enabling and Customizing Email Notifications

Configure the automated email notifications sent to your customers

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Activate email notifications sent to your customers as part of the review collection strategy.

✨ Some email notifications are for features available on the Everything plan Compare plans β†’

Email Notifications Available

  • Review Request - The email sent to your customer after their order is fulfilled

  • Review Request Reminder - The email sent after the Review Request email when the customer hasn't submitted any review

  • Review Discount (*) - The email sent after your customer submits a photo or video review. It contains the discount code

  • Review Reply - The email notification sent to your customer when you respond to their review.

πŸ’‘ Find out more: Learn how to customize the time frame the Review Request and Reminder emails are sent on Sending Review Requests.

(*) = Featured on the Everything plan.

Enable or Disable Email Notifications

  1. Go to Requests Queue > Emails

  2. Toggle the switch ON or OFF to enable or disable an email notification.

Customize Email Notifications

  1. Go to Requests Queue > Emails

  2. Click Edit on a notification

  3. Enter the texts that you want in the following fields:

    1. Subject - The subject line of the email

    2. Title - The main heading of the email copy

    3. Subtitle - The secondary text of the email copy

    4. Button - The text of the CTA button that brings the customer to your store in order to submit the review

    5. Subtext - Additional text, fine print text, etc.

Email variables

  • {{product_title}} - The name of your product that is also displayed on your website for the customers to see

  • {{shop_name}} - The name of your store.

Send a test email

Use this option to preview and test your emails.

  1. Go to Requests Queue > Emails

  2. Click Edit on a notification

  3. From the template editor, click Sent test email (top right of the page). The email will be sent to the store contact email.

πŸ“ Note: To change the preferred email for receiving test emails, go to Settings > General and set your new preferred email for the account.

Email analytics

  • Sent - The number of emails sent to customers

  • Opened - The number of customers who opened the emails sent

  • Clicked - Unique clicks on the CTA button.

Customize Your Email Footer

Use the footer to add information about your store and the subscription source for all your emails. The content can be edited in the template editor.

  • Footer Text - It can contain the name of your store

  • Footer Address - The address where you can receive mail

  • Unsubscribe Text - The text along with the link to unsubscribe from your emails

  • Subscription Source - Use this text to explain why your customers received your email.

Important: Please know including a postal address (Footer Address) for business and marketing emails is a legal requirement in many countries.

Please reach out to our live chat support if you have any questions, or share any ideas with us here!

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