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Your customers would love to leave feedback, and what better way to encourage sign-ups for your Loyalty program than by rewarding points for every product review? Check out this guide on integrating your preferred review apps and start boosting your customer engagement!

✨ This feature is supported on all paid plans. See pricing β†’

πŸ“ Note: Some review apps require integration with Shopify Flow

Setting up the Way to Earn

  1. From your Rivo Dashboard, go to Programs > Points

  2. Find the Earning Points section and click Add Another Way to Earn

  3. Choose Post a product review in the Ways to Earn prompt

  4. Fill in all the fields on the page

    1. Select your review app - Here you can select your preferred review app. See the list of supported apps here

    2. Points amount - Enter how many points your members should earn after posting a product review

    3. Limit how many times each customer can earn points for completing this action - Check this option to set an earning limit for the action.

  5. Save changes and continue with the setup according to the review app.

List of supported product review apps

We're proud of the integrations we have built to help you easily connect your product review app with your Loyalty program. To find more details, please check out the help doc for your preferred app.

Review app




Requires Shopify Flow


Requires access to Rivo Integrations


Requires Shopify Flow


Requires Shopify Flow

Requires Shopify Flow


No further action required


Requires Shopify Flow

Common questions

I can't see my product review app. What can I do?

If you don't see your product review app, please reach out to us on live chat or via [email protected] - We'll be happy to help!

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