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Allow users to vote reviews they find helpful to increase the trustworthiness
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Votes are a great option to increase the trustworthiness of a review by showing its reliability through the number of users who have rated it as helpful. This guide will help you set up the votes and customize the icon colors.

✨ Votes on reviews are available on the Essentials plan and up. Compare plans β†’

Why add votes?

  • Strengthen the credibility of a review by showing how many other users found it helpful

  • Reviews with many votes are generally more trusted by potential buyers

  • You can customize the vote question (e.g. Was this review helpful?)

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Enable Voting

  1. Click Onsite in the sidebar menu

  2. Under Product Page Widget, click Reviews List

  3. Scroll to the bottom to find the Voting & Recommendations section

  4. Check the option Show voting?

    Intercom - REV - Vote Question
  5. Below Vote Question, enter the translation for the text along with the upvote/downvote

  6. Click Save.

Customize the icon

  1. Go to Onsite > Design

  2. Click Colors

  3. Scroll down to the Others section and click Icon Color to pick the color or enter the HTML code

  4. Click Save.

πŸ“ Note: Icon color applies to the verified badges, recommendations, and votes.

Reach out to our live chat support if you have any questions, or share any ideas with us here!

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