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Embed your Dedicated Page on any Shopify page
Embed your Dedicated Page on any Shopify page

Use our snippet code to render your Dedicated Page throughout your online store

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Integrate your Dedicated Page throughout your online store to provide your customers with effortless access to their Loyalty details, rewards, and all the program capabilities.

✨ The instructions below call for a basic understanding of HTML

Embed the Dedicated Page into a new page

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes

  2. Click the three-dot button > Edit code

  3. Within your theme code, search for the section where you would like to render the Dedicated Page. In this example, we'll add it to our customer account page

  4. Copy and paste the snippet code below into the preferred line

    <div id="rivo-page-wrapper" style="min-height:800px;"></div>
    Dedicated Page on customer account page
  5. Save changes and check the result on your online store.

Common questions

Can I design different Dedicated Pages?

No. You can only have one Dedicated Page that you can embed into different pages in your online store simultaneously. Any changes made to the Dedicated Page will apply to all pages where it is rendered.

I inserted the snippet code but I can't see the Page. Why?

Make sure your Dedicated Page is enabled by going to Onsite > Dedicated Page.

Can I add the code to a page within my page builder?

The Dedicated Page can only be rendered if you insert our snippet code into the Shopify theme code directly.

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