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Getting Started with Loyalty & Referrals

Learn how Rivo Loyalty & Referrals works & how to get started

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Migrate or replatform

Replatform, migrate or move your loyalty & referrals program to Rivo

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Points Program

Start a points program in minutes to reward your customers

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Referrals Program

Set up & start using Rivo Referrals to grow your brand

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VIP Tiers

Boost AOV and Returning Customer Rate using VIP Tiers

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Show your points program in various different ways

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Integrations & Apps

Integrate Rivo Loyalty & Referrals with your existing app stack

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Email Campaigns

Send emails from your own domain using Rivo's ESP or integrate your own

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Language Translations

Translate the app into a different language

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Memberships (coming soon)

Grow Customer LTV with a memberships platform built for DTC brances

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Analytics & Metrics

See data visualizations of real-time performance using Rivo's interactive dashboards

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Best Practices

Everything you need to know about using best practices on your new loyalty program

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Referrals Campaigns

Use Referral Campaigns to acquire new customers without paid advertising

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Common Questions

Answers to common and frequently asked questions

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Developer & API Documentation

Learn about Rivo's Javascript API, Rest API and Shopify Metafields

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Additional Resources

Learn about our Partner Program, pricing and security and data protection

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