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How to test your Referrals program
How to test your Referrals program

Have a better understanding of your Referrals Program by testing it.

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To help you have a better understanding of the Referrals Program, here's a walkthrough of how it works for both the Advocate and Referred Friend!

Before you begin

If you'd like to test the referrals program before you launch, you should do so using two email addresses:

  • A member's email address - This is the Advocate

  • An email address that does not belong to an account on your store - This is the Referred Friend.

Referrals Program on the Advocate's end

Every member of your program has a unique referral link. There are multiple ways the advocate can share their referral link:

  • Copying the referral link in the Widget and sending it to their friends or loved ones in a direct message

  • Sharing the referral link on social media by clicking the Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp buttons in the Widget

  • Sending the referral link through an email by clicking the Email button in the Widget.

The Advocate Reward will be marked as Pending until the Referred Friend makes a purchase.

πŸ’‘ Find out more: Check out our guide on Customizing the referral settings.

Referrals Program on the Referred Friend's end

As a Referred Friend, you will simply need to click on the referral link sent to you and it will automatically direct you to the website where you can either get the reward immediately or you will be asked to create an account before you can claim your reward.

  • If the Referrals Customer Account is disabled you will only need to enter your email address and then click the claim button to get the discount code.

  • If the Referrals Customer Account is enabled, referred friends will need to create an account first before they can claim their rewards.

Important: Customers will need to copy their discount codes to their clipboard if they decide not to use it right away so they can save and still use it some other time! You may include this as a note in the Widget πŸ‘

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