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Add a Referral Program Terms of Service to your website
Add a Referral Program Terms of Service to your website

Add an example Referral Program terms of service to your website

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Implementing a successful Referral Program is a crucial step in driving growth and customer engagement. Here, we'll guide you step-by-step on how to integrate an example Referral Program terms of service into your store.

How to add a Terms of Service page to your store

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Pages.

  2. Click Add page.

  3. Set the Title of your page (e.g. 'Referral Terms of Service').

  4. Under Content, add your terms of service. You can use our example below or customize any of the content to include your own rules.

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  5. Edit your page preferences, such as SEO, template, and make sure to save changes.

Example Referral Program Terms of Service

Our Referral Program Terms of Service

1. Acceptance of Terms

By participating in our Referral Program (the "Program"), you are agreeing to abide by these Terms of Service ("Terms") and our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to these Terms or the Privacy Policy, please refrain from participating in the Program.

2. Eligibility

To be eligible for the Program, you must be at least 18 years old and have an active account with our store. You may not participate in the Program where doing so would be prohibited by any applicable law or regulations.

3. How the Program Works

You will receive a unique referral link or code ("Referral Code") to share with others by visiting our referrals page. When a friend makes a purchase through your Referral Code, you may receive rewards or benefits as detailed on our Program page.

4. No Self-Referral

You are not eligible for rewards by referring yourself. If you set up multiple accounts in order to receive referral benefits, all of your accounts may be terminated, and you will be disqualified from future participation in the Program.

5. Limitations

Referrals are limited to one per household. If multiple members of the same household participate in the Program, only the first person to participate will be eligible for referral rewards.

Rewards are only for bringing new customers to the shop. If you try referring someone who has already made a purchase, the system won’t count it.

You’ll receive your reward only after your friend’s order has been marked as fulfilled. This ensures the referred purchase is legitimate.

Cannot “share the reward” on popular coupon sites. Rewards are only specified and limited to the Friend who claimed the reward.

6. Disqualification

We reserve the right to disqualify any user from the Program at our discretion. Reasons for disqualification may include, but are not limited to, failure to comply with these Terms, suspicion of fraud or abuse, or any harmful conduct towards our brand, staff, or other customers.

7. Changes to the Program

We reserve the right to modify, suspend or terminate the Program at any time for any reason. We will notify you of any changes to the Program by updating these Terms or through other communications.

8. Liability

We are not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate information supplied by participants while participating in the Program.

9. Governing Law

These Terms are governed by the laws of the country/state where our company is located.

10. Contact

If you have any questions about the Program or these Terms, please contact us.

By participating in the Program, you agree to these Terms. It is your responsibility to read and understand these Terms before participating in the Program.

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