Require Referred Customers to Create an Account

Grow your customer base and add a layer of verification by requiring referred customers to create an account before they can claim their reward. We recommend enabling this feature to help attract more Loyalty members and gain more referral activity!

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Enable Referred Customer Accounts

Common Questions

Enable Referred Customer Accounts

This setting controls if referred customers have to create an account on your website to claim their referral coupon. By default, this setting is 'OFF'. If the setting is 'ON', it requires customers to create an account to claim their referral coupon. To enable this setting, follow these steps:

1. From the Loyalty dashboard, go to Programs > Referrals.

2. Underneath Referral Rewards is the option for Referrals Customer Account.

3. Toggle the switch On and save your changes.

Now, when a customer follows a referral link, they will be required to create an account before they claim their reward. Once they complete this step, their reward will appear in the widget and they will now be a member of your Loyalty Program.

Note: If this setting is 'OFF', referred friends may still optionally create an account on your store, but it is not required to claim their reward.

Common Questions

Where can I view these discount codes and check whether they've been used?

You can do this in your Shopify Admin by going to Discounts. Here you will see a list of all your store's discount codes. Codes generated by Rivo Loyalty begin with 'BAL.'

Can the discount code be used more than once?

No, all codes generated by Rivo Loyalty are single-use only.

Can the discount code be used by another customer?

No, when this setting is enabled, the discount code is attached to the customer who has claimed it.

Should I enable this setting on my referral program?

We recommend turning this setting on if you notice repeated unusual activity on your referral program. If you notice any unusual activity on a specific customer, you can exclude the customer from your Loyalty program altogether by following these steps.

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