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Enabling Customer Accounts in Shopify
Enabling Customer Accounts in Shopify

This is how you can enable your classic customer accounts in Shopify

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Customer accounts must be enabled from your Shopify admin so customers can create an account on your store and become members of your Loyalty program.

✨ This guide is for brands that use classic customer accounts. After Shopify's new customer account version, we recommend checking out our doc Managing Customer Accounts for Your Loyalty Program.

Enabling Classic Customer Accounts

The classic customer account version lets customers access their accounts by entering an email address and password. To enable customer accounts:

  1. On your Shopify homepage, click on Settings.

  2. Go to Customer Accounts or click here to go directly there.

  3. In the Accounts in online store and checkout section, click Edit

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  4. Check the box Show login link in the header of online store and at checkout, so your customers know where they can log in

  5. Under Choose which version of customer accounts to use, make sure Classic customer accounts version is selected

  6. Once you're satisfied with your setting, click Save.

Members and Guests

In the classic customer account version, customers tagged as Guests are those who browsed through your shop and purchased items without creating an actual account. Those who enter their email address in a form on your page but haven't enabled an account can be Guests too.

Customers tagged as Members are those who created an account on your site. Visit our documentation about Points Program Participation to change how these settings work.

Common Questions

I just installed the app, why am I already seeing Members?

We count anyone who has an account in your store as a Member so when you install the app, anyone who has an account on your store will be shown as a Member ready to enjoy the benefits of your Loyalty program.

Is there another way to create customer accounts?

Customers have the option to create new accounts directly from the login page in your store or accept invitations that you send from your Shopify admin to join accounts.

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