Enabling Customer Accounts in Shopify

Customer accounts must be enabled from your Shopify admin so customers can create an account on your store and become members of your Loyalty Program. Customers without an account are shown in the app as 'Guests.'

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Enabling Customer Accounts

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Enabling Customer Accounts

Customer accounts are accounts created on your online store that contain the customer's information for identification and faster transactions each time the customer visits the store. To enable this setting:

1. On your Shopify homepage, click on Settings.

2. Go to Checkout.

3. In the Customer accounts section, click on the radio button to enable customer accounts. Choose whether you want it to be optional or required.

4. Once you're satisfied with your setting, click Save.

Common Questions

Does my customers' info get stored in the app or only in Shopify?

Although customers sign up through Rivo Loyalty, they will be taken to the account creation page on your store where they will enter their information. After this process, they will be added as a member of your page or store; saving their information in Shopify, which is then shared with our app.

What is the difference between a Member and a Guest?

Customers tagged as Guests are those who browsed through your shop and purchased items without creating an actual account. Customers tagged as Members are those who created an account and use it each time they make a purchase. Visit our documentation about Points Program Participation to change how these settings work.

I just installed the app, why am I already seeing members?

We count anyone who has an account in your store as a member so when you install the app - anyone who has an account on your store will be shown as a member.

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