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Points for completed referrals
Points for completed referrals

How to give points for completed referrals

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This is a great way to further incentivize referrals. On top of the advocate reward you already have set up, you can offer a points bonus to customers who generate a completed referral. This is a fantastic way to encourage your customers to become advocates for your business.

Enabling points for completing a referral

  1. From the Rivo Dashboard, go to Loyalty > Points.

  2. Under Earning Points, click Add Another Way to Earn.

  3. Select Complete a Referral in the Ways to Earn prompt.

  4. Edit the Way to Earn to your preferences

    Complete a Referral Way to Earn settings

    Earning points - Enter how many points your members should earn after completing a referral

    Limit how many times each customer can earn points for completing this action - Check this option to set an earning limit for the action.

  5. Toggle the status switch ON and save changes.

๐Ÿ’ก Find out more: Check out our guide on Getting Started with Referrals

Common questions

Can I disable the Advocate reward and just use this reward instead?

Rather than disabling the reward, you can choose 'Earn Points' as the reward for your advocates in your Referrals program settings, which will automatically link the reward to your 'Complete a Referral' Way to Earn.

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