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Points for Completed Referrals
How to give points for Completed Referrals.
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This is a great way to further incentivize referrals. On top of the referring friend reward you already have set up, you can offer a points bonus to customers who generate a completed referral. This is a fantastic way to encourage your customers to become advocates for your business.

Enabling Points for Complete a Referral

To enable this feature:

  1. From the Loyalty dashboard, go to Programs > Points.

  2. Under Earning Points click Add Another Way to Earn.

  3. Select Complete a Referral. Toggle the status switch ON.

  4. The default points amount is 50. To adjust this at any time, click Edit.

  5. Enter the new amount and Save.

πŸ’‘ Find out more: Check out our guide on Getting Started with Referrals

Common questions

Can I disable the Referring Friend reward and just use this reward instead?

No, the referring friend reward must be enabled as well to properly track referrals. These points are an added bonus for your advocates. πŸ™‚

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