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How to get your Rivo API key

Discover how to get your Rivo API key for seamless app integration in this quick guide.

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Getting your Rivo API key is the first step towards integrating our powerful suite of tools with your applications. This brief article will guide you through the simple process of obtaining your key, so you can start leveraging Rivo's capabilities for your build. Let's dive in.

✨ Rivo's Developer Toolkit is available on the Plus plan. See pricing β†’

Where to get your API key

Follow these steps to get your API key in Rivo:

  1. From the dashboard, go to Settings

  2. Click Developer Toolkit. Click here to go directly there.

  3. Under "REST API KEYS", click Generate API Key

  4. Copy your key from here for use in your integrations

Getting a new API key

To create a new key, just click Regenerate API Key under your existing key.

Important! Don't forget to update any existing integrations with your new key

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