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Integrate Rivo with your Apple and Google wallet passes

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Rivo and Novel integration explained

Connect your Rivo account using Novel's integration to dial in conversational points and referral flows.

✨ This integration requires Rivo API access, which is available on the Plus plan. See pricing β†’


  • Show the Rivo Loyalty points balance on your customer's Novel mobile wallet

  • Send notifications through Novel to keep customers engaged with your Loyalty program

  • Award Rivo points for actions completed from your customer's wallet pass

  • Redeem POS rewards through the QR code on your customer's wallet pass

  • Use pass links to promote your Loyalty program.

How to connect Rivo with Novel

Connecting Rivo with Novel can be completed from the novel integrations page.

  1. Open Novel

  2. Under Settings & Support, click Configure

  3. Go to the Integrations tab

  4. Find Rivo and enter your Rivo API Key

  5. Click Save.

Where can I find my Rivo API Key?

  1. Open Rivo Loyalty & Referrals

  2. Go to Settings > Developer Toolkit

  3. Copy the REST API Key

πŸ“ Note: Your account uses a single REST API Key. If you regenerate the Key, remember to update it in all your integrations.

Learn about how the integration works

To learn about how the integration with Novel works, visit Novel's help documentation here.

Common questions

What rewards can my customers redeem?

Points awarded through Novel are added to your customer's points balance in Rivo. This means they can redeem the rewards you have set in your store to purchase online and at your POS locations.

How can my customers redeem rewards?

  • Online - By logging in to their customer account

  • POS - By scanning the QR code on their wallet pass.

Can I sync my VIP tiers to Novel?

Your Rivo VIP tiers and their rewards are not automatically synced to Rivo as Novel has its own setup process. Still, you have the flexibility to retain the same names and create a similar tiered earning system. At the end, Members would earn Rivo points for actions completed from the wallet pass.

Are my customer's referrals tracked in Rivo?

No. Referrals completed through Novel are viewed in your Novel account. Through the integration, Rivo would only award points for referrals completed.

How do I get support for the integration from Novel?

You can contact the Novel team at their help center here.

How do I get support for the integration from Rivo?

You can contact us at [email protected] or in the bottom right chat box.

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