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Integrate Skio with Rivo to bring loyalty closer to subscriptions

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Rivo and Skio integration explained

The Rivo and Skio integration has a few different components. The first involves earning and spending points toward subscription orders. Additionally, it provides the option of auto-applying discounts to the subscription. The second component involves showing custom Rivo Loyalty data in your Skio account. Let's walk through the technical overview and then the customer-facing touchpoints!

✨ Integrations are available on the Scale and Plus plans. See pricing β†’

Earning points on Skio subscription orders

Customers can earn loyalty points for each subscription order placed through Skio. This is natively enabled within Rivo and you don't need to do anything to set this up.

Place An Order earning rule

Customers will automatically earn points on Skio subscription recurring orders.

πŸ’‘ Pro Tip: Always check the channels that customers should be rewarded through from the Order Settings.

Spending points on Skio subscription orders

The Loyalty points earned can be used to redeem rewards applicable toward subscription purchases. To enable customers to use their points for subscriptions, define the rewards that apply to these types of purchases.

Purchase Type setting

Show custom Loyalty data in your Skio account

Enhance your customers' experience by integrating detailed Loyalty information into their Skio portal.

Custom blocks

πŸ—“οΈ Note: The following steps require knowledge of custom code implementation

Use Skio's custom embedded blocks to display relevant Loyalty custom data such as points balance and rewards, enhancing your loyalty program management.

  1. From the Rivo Dashboard, go to Settings > Developer Toolkit

  2. Switch the Rivo JavaScript API settings to ON

  3. Go to your Skio Dashboard, and click Customer Portal > Portal Settings

  4. Scroll down to Custom Block

  5. Copy the example code snippets below and paste it into your embedded block settings

  6. Click Publish on your Skio portal.

We have 3 options for the Skio custom block

  • Rewards & Referrals Block

  • Rewards Block

  • Referrals Block

Get the code for each below!

πŸ“ Note: You can change the Referrals heading copy directly in the HTML of these snippets when you're adding it, to replace the default text 'Refer a friend and get $10 off'

Rewards & Referrals Block

This block features the user's points balance, any available rewards, redeemable store rewards and their referral info.

Download code for this block

Rewards Block

This block contains the user's points balance, available rewards and store rewards, redeemable on the page. The Referrals info is omitted in this block.

Referrals Block

This block contains the user's referral info and omits the rewards elements


Not seeing your Loyalty data displayed in the customer portal? Please make sure you have set up the Multipass feature in Skio.

Add a button to your Loyalty page from Skio

Looking for a simpler method? Use Skio's custom button feature to add a link to your Loyalty Page. Head over to your portal settings in Skio to add a link.

Rivo and Skio Integration

Auto-apply advocate discount to subscription orders

Now, when advocates unlock their reward, it automatically applies to their active subscription without the need to enter a discount code manually. They can enjoy hassle-free savings on their ongoing subscriptions effortlessly!

  1. Go to Integrations

  2. Find Skio in the Payments section and click Configure

  3. Tick the checkbox option Auto-apply advocate discounts to active subscriptions

    Skio integration page
  4. Enter your Skio private API key (Where to find my API Key?)

  5. Click Save.

Once your advocates start earning their rewards after completing a referral, Rivo will auto-apply the discount code to their subscription. You'll be able to see the code on the customer's information in Skio.

Where to find my API key?

  1. From your Skio dashboard, click Account > API

  2. Enter the name for your secret key and click Generate API Key

  3. Click on the chain button to copy your new private key.

πŸ—“οΈ Note: As API keys can only be viewed once, make sure to copy your private key for Rivo and securely save it somewhere.


  • The advocate discount will be applied to the customer's recent subscription right after being issued

  • Two advocate discounts cannot be stacked on the same subscription. However, other discounts can be combined with the advocate reward if the discount combinations are enabled in both Rivo and Skio

  • The advocate discount will be removed in the next subscription

  • Skio considers the advocate discount as used after it's been applied to the subscription. If the discount gets removed before the subscription is renewed, you must edit the discount's maximum uses first.

πŸ’‘ Pro Tip: Enable Skio's 'Surprise & Delight - Discount (Email)' if you want to notify customers when the advocate reward is applied to their subscription.


Common questions

Why was the advocate discount not applied to my customer's subscription?

Here are some reasons for not adding the advocate discount to a subscription:

  • A referral discount was already added to the subscription

  • A discount was already added to the subscription but the discount combinations aren't enabled.

I have enabled Multipass and my customers see an error when they log into my store. Why?

This can occur if you have set up the Login redirect URL to the Skio customer portal. If you leave it empty, customers will be taken to the portal by default.

I have feedback about the integration

Please reach out to [email protected] with any feedback!

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