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Integrate Skio with Rivo to bring loyalty closer to subscriptions

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This article provides an overview of the integration between Rivo and Skio. The Rivo and Skio integration enables brands to have the ability to:

  1. Earn Points on Skio Subscription Orders: Customers can earn loyalty points for each subscription order placed through Skio. (no setup required)

  2. Spend Points on Subscription Rewards: Points can be used to redeem rewards applicable towards subscription purchases.

  3. Show Rivo Data within the Skio Portal: Use Skio's custom embedded blocks to display relevant Rivo loyalty custom data.

Let's walk through the technical overview and then the customer facing touchpoints.

Rivo and Skio integration explained

The Rivo and Skio integration has a few different components. The first involves earning and spending points toward subscription orders. The second involves showing custom Rivo loyalty data in your Skio Account.

Earning Points on Skio Subscription Orders

This is natively enabled within Rivo and you don't need to do anything to set this up. Customers will automatically earn points on Skio subscription recurring orders.

Spending Rivo loyalty points on Skio subscription orders

To enable customers to use their points for subscription purchases define the rewards that customers can redeem using their points. Set the rewards to make sure they are applicable toward Subscription orders.

Show custom Rivo loyalty data in your Skio Account

Showing Rivo data within your Skio account involves using Skio's custom embedded blocks.

Show Rivo points and rewards within the Skio subscription portal

The following steps require knowledge of custom code implementation.

  1. Open your Rivo Dashboard to the Developer Toolkit settings page

  2. Switch the Rivo Javascript API settings to on

  3. Open your Skio Portal Settings and scroll down to Custom Block

  4. Copy the snippet below

  5. Paste it in your embedded block settings on your Skio portal

  6. Click save on your Skio portal

Looking for a simpler method? Add a button to your Rivo loyalty page from your Skio portal

Use Skio's custom button feature to add a link to your portal. Head over to your portal settings in Skio to add a link.

Rivo and Skio Integration


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