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Customer Account Page Embed

Add the Account Embed to your customer account page to create a seamless integration

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Shopify Account Page Embed

Integrating the Account Embed on your customer account page lets your members know about their Loyalty points. It also creates a seamless integration across your website so your customers can easily access their points balance right from their account.

✨ The Account Embed is available on all paid plans


Setting up your Account Page Embed

Let's walk through how to integrate your customer's points balance into their already existing customer account page.

  1. From your Loyalty Dashboard, go to Onsite > Account Embed

  2. Make any edits to the default text or settings:

    Account Page Embed
    1. Loyalty Program and Rewards - This is the default title of the account widget embed

    2. You have {{points}} points - The {{points}} variable will display your customers points amount as a number on their customer account page

    3. View My Rewards Account - This is the link that will open the widget

    4. Set custom redirect path - This option allows you to set a custom redirect path that will open a new tab. By default, clicking the link opens the widget but now you can set it to open your rewards page instead

    5. Freeform text - Here you can add any custom text to the account. This is a great place to explain your rewards program

  3. Make sure to toggle the switch to ON

  4. Click Save and visit your store's /account page to preview the changes

    Account Page Embed in the storefront

πŸ’‘ Pro Tip: Looking to create a loyalty page too? Create a dedicated page for your Loyalty program

✨ Rivo Loyalty & Referrals' Account Embed now integrates with Customer Account Concierge. Check out our guide here.

Advanced settings and custom themes

Custom CSS

✨ Check out some premade CSS themes for the Account Embed here

Setting a custom selector to embed the widget

Here you can add an HTML class, to tell our app where to show the widget on the account page. For example, adding .order-history here would display the widget above your customer's order history. By default, the widget is displayed at the top of the account page.

Choosing the page position of the widget

Our app automatically places the widget above your customer account page. Setting a custom selector will change where the embed widget will be inserted.

  • beforebegin - Embeds the account widget before the element

  • afterbegin - Embeds the account widget after the beginning of the element (first child)

  • beforeend - Embeds the account widget before the end of the element

  • afterend - Embeds the account widget after the element

πŸ“ Note: Only use this setting if the current selector doesn't work on your theme or plan to change the widget location. If you need help, just message our team!

Common questions

Can I embed this widget somewhere else on my website?

Right now, the widget can only be embedded on the customer account page.

Can someone help me customize the design?

Yes! Email our technical team at [email protected] and we'll be happy to spruce it up.

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