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Earn and spend points in store using Shopify POS
Earn and spend points in store using Shopify POS
Extend your Rivo Loyalty Program scope by enabling earning and spending points with Shopify POS.
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Earn and spend points in-store using Shopify POS

In this article, we'll break down how your customers can earn and spend points on in-store purchases. This is a brilliant way to reward your most valuable customers with points, and let them use those points both online and at your brick and mortar locations.

✨ POS is available on the Starter plan and above

Video Walkthrough Demo

Setting up Rivo Loyalty on Shopify POS

Before you get started, make sure you have Rivo Loyalty and Shopify POS for iOS or Android installed on your mobile device. Once both are installed, you can follow the steps below.

  1. On your mobile device, open Shopify POS from your home screen.

  2. From the POS home screen, tap Add tile

  3. Tap the App option from the list

  4. Select Rivo from the apps screen

And you're done! You should now see a Rivo Loyalty tile on the apps screen.

Setting up Ways to Redeem points through in-store purchases

Now that we've set up Rivo on Shopify POS, we need to set up specific ways to for your customers to redeem their points on in store purchases. There's 2 types of rewards you can offer in store. A fixed amount and a percentage off.

  1. From your Rivo Loyalty dashboard, click programs

  2. Click Points program and scroll down to ways to Redeem

  3. Click Add another reward and under "POS (IN-STORE)" select the type of reward you'd like to set up.

Once you have those rewards set up you should see them when you click "Apply discount" within a POS cart. You can set up multiple rewards amounts if you'd like, and these rewards will only be visible to you (the merchant) through the POS app or online through Rivo.

πŸ’‘ Pro Tip: Keep your naming conventions simple and organized. Use a prefix like POS: $10 coupon so you can distinguish these from other rewards in your dashboard.

How customers earn points through in-store POS orders

Customers can also earn points by making in-store purchases on the POS system. Once the customer has an account on your store they will earn points for in-store orders. To ensure they receive their points, just make sure to add them to the customer profile.

  1. Tap 'Add a customer' from the Shopify POS screen, the Rivo tile should now display the customer's points balance

  2. Add a product to the cart

  3. Check out or complete the order

  4. The customer will receive an email that they earned points.

Questions about POS? Chat with us by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right of the screen!

How customers spend points through in-store POS orders

Each time your customers check out, when you add their name to the cart, their points balance will be displayed on the Rivo tile.

  1. To redeem a reward, add a customer to the cart

  2. Add any product to the cart

  3. Tap the Add discount tile

  4. Select the reward and process the order

Common questions

Can my customers redeem my online rewards in-store?
Only your POS rewards are redeemable in-store. To edit these rewards visit Ways to Redeem

Why aren't my other ways to redeem visible in the POS app?

This is expected, only your POS ways to redeem are available on the Shopify POS app.

How do I know if a customer used their points on a POS order?

  • On the Shopify order, you'll see a line item under "discounts" with the points a customer used toward their purchase.

  • On the customer's profile, under activity, you'll see POS: Redeemed a reward - reward title. If an order was refunded you'll see POS: Points refunded - reward title.

Do customer points get refunded if I remove the discount from the cart, or clear the customer from the cart?

Yes, the points will automatically be refunded back into their account if you clear the customer or the cart.

The customer's point balance isn't being pulled in correctly

This may be because the customer has multiple emails – you can search for the customer by email address to ensure you're adding the correct customer profile.

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