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Enabling and customizing automated email notifications
Enabling and customizing automated email notifications

Attract more customers to your Rivo Loyalty Program by enabling and customizing the automated email notifications.

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Send out email notifications to your customers about the status of their points, rewards, birthday points, and referrals to engage with your customer base. To enhance this, you can customize your email notifications so that there will be a personal touch when your customers receive them.

Email notifications available



Points Earned

When a customer earns points after completing an action

Reward Redeemed

When a customer earns a reward through your programs or when they redeem their points

Celebrate Birthday

When the customer's birthday is today

Referral completed

When the customer's referred friend places their first order

Reward Expiry - Warning

Sent 30 days before the customer's reward expires

Reward Expiry - Last Chance

Sent 3 days before the customer's reward expires

Points Expiry - Warning

Sent 30 days before the customer's points expire

Points Expiry - Last Chance

Sent 3 days before the customer's points expire

VIP Tier Unlocked

When the customer moves up/down a tier

Customize email notifications

  1. From the Dashboard go to Programs > Emails.

  2. Find the notification you want to customize and click on Edit.

  3. Enter the texts that you want to appear in the following fields:

    1. Subject - The subject line of the email

    2. Title - The main heading of the email copy

    3. Subtitle - The secondary text of the email copy

    4. Button - The text of the button that brings the customer to your store

    5. Subtext - T&Cs or fine print text.

πŸ’‘ Pro Tip: Read more about Reward Expiration and Points Expiry.

Customize email footer

You can also modify the footer of your email and enter the texts that you want to appear as shown below:

  • Footer Text

  • Footer Address

  • Unsubscribe Text

  • Subscription Source

When everything looks good according to your preference, don't forget to click Save.

πŸ“ Note: The Footer Address can not be left blank; including a postal address for business and marketing emails is a legal requirement in many countries.

Email variables

The text with curly brackets (e.g. {{points_earned}} in the email notification text fields are placeholders called variables. When emails are delivered, these variables are replaced by the relevant data.

Customers do not see the variable name, only the text that is displayed in place of the variable. Here is a list of all the variables used in Emails and what they output in the delivered email.

  • {{points_amount}} - The amount of points the customer earned

  • {{trigger_name}} - The action the customer completed (e.g. signed up, placed an order)

  • {{reward_name}} - The name of the reward the customer redeemed

  • {{reward_tos}} - Any reward T&Cs (e.g. expiration date, limited to one product for Free Product rewards)

  • {{friend_email}} - The referred friend's email

  • {{expiry_date}} - The expiration date set for a reward

  • {{vip_tier_name}} - The custom name of your VIP Tier

πŸ“ Note: If the text displayed in place of a variable includes words, the words can be translated on the app's Translation page.

Testing email notifications

On each email template you can click send test to recieve a message. This email will be sent to your Shopify Account email address. You can change this email address from your settings page.

Common questions

Can I create a custom email and send it to customers in bulk?

At this point, this feature is not yet available, but you can share your feedback here.

Is there a way to send email invites to my store's guest visitors?

Unfortunately, this is not possible as these are not members of your store and we do not have permission to send emails to these guest customers. You can still add your vote for this feature on our product roadmap here. We also have a guide on how to edit Shopify's account invitation email to make it more focused on your Loyalty & Rewards Program - please check it out here.

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