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Campaigns make your referral program an easier and more engaging experience

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We introduce a widget that seamlessly integrates into any page of your website, allowing all your customers to refer their friends and unlock amazing rewards. Our new referral campaigns will boost your referral marketing efforts, so let's jump into it and create some simple ones right now!

✨ Referral campaigns are available on the Plus plan. See pricing β†’

Creating your first campaign (Give $10, Get $10)

In this example, we're going to create a Give $10, Get $10 campaign.

  1. From the Referral Campaigns page, click New Campaign

    New Referral Campaign name
  2. Enter the internal name for your campaign and click Save

    New Referral Campaign name
  3. In General, scroll down to Advocate Incentive and click Add

    Advocate reward
  4. Select Amount Discount in the Ways to Redeem prompt

  5. Complete the reward preferences:

    Reward settings page
    1. Reward title (ex. $10 off)

    2. Discount (ex. $10)

    3. Minimum cart requirement (optional)

    4. Apply to (optional)

    5. Purchase type (optional)

    6. Reward expiration (optional)

  6. Save changes and continue with the Friend Incentive

    Friend reward
  7. Once you have created both rewards, scroll to the top of the page

    And customize colors, text, and other settings by toggling between the different headings of the referral campaign builder

    1. General - Change your campaign status, edit the internal name, copy the code to embed the campaign, manage the referral rewards

    2. Pages - Edit the text displayed on each view, customize the settings for the views

    3. Design - Edit the colors and fonts, adjust the inline height on each device, enable the Invite Friend email customization, change the campaign layout

    4. Advanced - Add CSS codes to customize your campaign

  8. Click Save to save the changes and don't forget to set your campaign live.

πŸ“ Important Note: Make sure to save changes before switching to a different heading of the referral campaign editor.

πŸ’‘ Find out more: Customize your referral campaign using the Dedicated Referral Page Visual Editor.

Embedding your campaign

✨ Discover the ease and effectiveness of integrating your campaigns into your store: Add your dedicated referrals landing page to your website β†’

Common questions

Can I have multiple referral campaigns active at one time?

Yes! This flexibility is particularly beneficial when tailoring campaigns to specific layouts and designs.

What campaign will my customers view if I have created multiple campaigns?

At the moment, the last campaign edited will be your default campaign when both advocate and referred friend claim their rewards, regardless of the other active campaigns. Make sure to share the same rewards across your campaigns.

What's the maximum amount of referral campaigns I can have?

There is no limit! A/B test to your heart's desire.

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