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Referrals fraud prevention tools
Referrals fraud prevention tools

Automatically stop referral fraud before it happens with Rivo's built-in fraud protection tools for campaigns

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Rivo has many different tools and checks we do each time a referral link is used. These security checks can cut down on fraud by up to 95%. An overview of the fraud protection tools is below.

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Fraud prevention tools

Our tools are built-in to the referrals platform and don't require any setup from your end.

IP address check to ensure only one referral per household

We track IP addresses to ensure that if a friend uses a referral link from the same Wi-Fi network or IP address as the advocate (say, within the same household), they won’t be able to sign up.

No self-referrals

If an advocate tries to refer themselves using the same email, the system won’t allow it.

No using email variations with “+”

The system will protect against self-referrals and will filter out people who use slight email variations. For example, if the advocate's email is “[email protected]", trying “[email protected]” won’t work for the friend.

Referral link cookies

We use cookie tracking to stop people from referring themselves using different email addresses through the same browser.

Referral Share Links

Rivo uses Share Links technology to create a custom referral experience unique to each merchant. This experience is customized and contains protection tools built in.

New friends and emails only

Referrals are only applicable for new customers to the shop. If you try referring someone's email who has already purchased with your brand, the system will block it.

Minimum Cart Requirements and conditions for rewards

As the merchant, you can configure specific reward amounts to reach for the referral to apply. These will automatically apply to your emails if you use the dynamic email variable called {{reward_tos}}.

For example, for the advocate to earn a reward, the friend should make a purchase that meets $100 or more from the new arrivals collection.

Rewards will only be issued after order fulfillment

Advocates receive their reward only after the friend’s order has been marked fulfilled in Shopify. Make sure you're marking your orders as fulfilled, as this will ensure the referred friend purchase is legitimate.

Ability to manually exclude bad actors (shadow ban)

Silently ban or exclude any customer from the referral program with the click of a button, right from their customer profile.

Unique discount codes

Rewards are specified and limited to the friend or advocate to whom they belong.

Translating your error messaging

The default translation is listed below. If you want to change it to something else you can go to Branding > Translation to change your error messaging.

Message Type

Error Message (external)

Meaning (internal)

Referrals general invalid title

We're Sorry

This title goes with the 'Referrals general invalid' text

Referrals general invalid

Sorry, looks like this referral is invalid

The referral used does not meet the necessary criteria or does not exist

Referrals similar ip invalid

We are unable to process referrals within the same IP address

Referrals cannot be processed from the same IP address, to prevent fraud

Referrals code invalid

This referral code is invalid

The entered referral code is not recognized or is incorrect

Referrals already visited

Already visited this page

The user has already accessed this page or referral link, so it cannot be used again

Referrals program disabled

This referral program is disabled

The referral program is currently not active

Referrals email already claimed

This email has already been claimed

The email address entered has already been used in the referral program

Referrals account already claimed

You already have an account. You can invite your friends to win rewards!

The user already has an account and is encouraged to invite friends to win rewards

Common questions

Can I manually exclude a customer from the referrals program?

Yes! You can click here to learn how to exclude a customer.

Can an advocate try to refer a friend who is an existing customer and who has placed past orders but never used a referral discount code?

When the friend submits their email address we run a whole list of fraud checks before we award them the referral reward. One of these checks is if the email provided has a purchase history. If the customer placed an order previously this referral will be marked as blocked status. Learn more about statuses here.

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