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Understanding your Dashboard Analytics & Reports
Understanding your Dashboard Analytics & Reports

Our new Dashboard Analytics feature is here to provide you with essential insights on the performance of your business.

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Our new Dashboard Analytics feature is here to provide you with essential insights on the performance of your business. This feature aims to highlight and expose data that you genuinely care about, transform core ecommerce metrics into loyalty-based ones, and show the value that Rivo drives to your business. Here's an overview of what each feature means and how it works.

✨ Dashboard Analytics and reports are supported on all the paid plans

Using the new Analytics Dashboard

For each metric, you can click View Report to see a more detailed breakdown. Use the date picker to select a specific date range for your report - you can choose to view your data weekly, monthly, or daily. The comparison feature allows you to compare data from different periods or segments.

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On every metric, you can see a day-by-day breakdown of orders, providing granular insight into your sales performance.

Key metrics available

Here are the primary reports on your Dashboard and what they mean.

Total Sales Generated

This metric represents the total revenue your business has generated within the selected date range. This total includes sales influenced by Rivo, providing a holistic view of your sales performance.

Total Rivo Orders

This number shows the total number of orders where a Rivo discount code was used, offering you insight into the effectiveness of Rivo's loyalty program.

Rivo Average Order Value (AOV)

This is calculated by dividing the net sales from Rivo orders by the count of those orders. It represents the average value of orders made with Rivo discounts, helping you understand the monetary value of these orders.

Rivo Sales as a Percentage of Total

This value shows the percentage of your total sales that have been generated through Rivo. It's a key indicator of how much Rivo is contributing to your overall sales.

Customer Life Time Value (LTV)

This mimics Triple Whale's dashboard definition of LTV which is total sales / unique customers

Returning Customer Revenue

This metric shows the total revenue generated from returning customers. It's a crucial indicator of customer loyalty and satisfaction.

New Customer Repurchase Rate

This mimics Lifetimely's definition of new customer repurchase rate.

For example, the 30-day rate would be defined as: How many new customers from the selected period, came back and placed another order 30 days after their first order.

Common questions

Where can I access the legacy points and referrals dashboard?

The legacy dashboard is here to stay (for now) and you can access the dashboard for points here, and the dashboard for referrals here.

Is there a place I can monitor activity on my loyalty and referrals program?

Yes! You can see this under the activity page or on your dashboard.

Where can I submit feedback about the new dashboard?

Send us your feedback via chat, or by creating a post here.

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