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Shopify order referral attribution data, reporting & customer tagging
Shopify order referral attribution data, reporting & customer tagging

Sync Rivo order attribution inside of Shopify and add Rivo data to customers

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Shopify Tagging is an automated tool that helps you effortlessly categorize, track, and manage your orders and customers within your Shopify admin.

✨ Shopify Tagging is available on the Scale & Plus plans. See pricing β†’

How it works

Use this feature to add customer tags, order tags, and additional details to your orders in Shopify.

Order Tags

Any order that includes a discount generated by Rivo and any order generated through a referral will be tagged Rivo.

Add Rivo Note Attributes to Orders

Orders generated through a referral will include additional details with context on the referral, such as the email of the referring customer and the URL of the referral in Rivo.

Rivo note attributes to orders

Customer Referral Tags

New customers acquired via referral will be tagged Rivo Referral.

Rivo Referral customer tag

Customer Advocate Tags

Customers who opted in as referral advocates will be tagged Rivo Advocate.

Rivo Advocated customer tag

How to enable Shopify Tagging

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Click Shopify Tagging

  3. Select the preferred options for automatically tagging and adding note attributes

    Shopify Tagging feature in Rivo
  4. Click Save.

πŸ’‘ Pro Tip: Create custom dashboards in Shopify based on your order attribution.

Common questions

If I enable this feature, will it backfill all orders previously made?

No. This feature will only tag future orders. If you want to backfill orders, please contact our team and we can do this for you!

Have any more questions? Please reach out to our live chat support team!

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