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Shopify order referral attribution data, reporting & customer tagging
Shopify order referral attribution data, reporting & customer tagging

Sync Rivo order attribution inside of Shopify and add Rivo data to customers

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Now your Rivo generated orders are tagged “Rivo” automatically and your referral data is added to the order attributes within Shopify.

Note: this will tag Rivo Referral orders, not all Rivo orders.

How it works

To enable Shopify Tagging for Rivo Referral orders, visit the Shopify Order Tagging and Attribution page.

Shopify order tagging and attribution

  • Order Tags: Orders generated by Rivo will be tagged "Rivo" in Shopify

  • Add Rivo Note Attributes to Orders: Add note attributes with context on the referral

Shopify Customer Tagging

  • Customer Referral Tags: New customers acquired via referral will be tagged "Rivo Referral" in Shopify

  • Customer Advocate Tags: Customers opted in as referral advocates will be tagged "Rivo Advocate" in Shopify

Next: Create custom dashboards in Shopify based on your order attribution.

Common Questions

If I enable this feature will it backfill all orders previously made?

No. This feature will only tag future Referral based orders

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