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Understanding your Loyalty Dashboard
Understanding your Loyalty Dashboard

Introducing your Rivo Loyalty Dashboard features and functioning.

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Your Rivo Loyalty Dashboard is a high-level overview of key information happening on your Loyalty program. Here you can get an overview of your recent activity, program members, redemption rate, points earned, your widget opens, emails sent, and your total sales generated.

Loyalty Dashboard

Your Loyalty Dashboard

Loyalty Program Activity

The metrics on the dashboard are divided into different cards. Here you can see a high-level overview of engagement and revenue generated from purchases made on your loyalty program.

Loyalty Members

Customers that are signed up as members of your loyalty program

Points Earned

Points earned by members for completing actions on your store

Redemption Rate

Ratio of points spent to points earned by members of your loyalty program

Widget Opens

Number of times visitors interacted with the loyalty widget on your store

Emails Sent

Number of emails the app has sent to your customers

Total Sales Generated

Total sales generated is a combined statistic broken down into 4 parts outlined below.

  • Retention Revenue: Orders from customers that have interacted with emails from our app within the last 7 days.

  • Incentivized Revenue: Orders from loyalty program members who used a discount code generated from our app.

  • Conversion Revenue: Orders from visitors on your store who interacted with a Rivo Loyalty widget and placed an order on your store.

  • Referral Revenue: Orders generated through referrals.

πŸ“ Note: An order can have multiple attributions, but we only count the order once in total sales. For example, if there is revenue from a referral revenue and from conversion revenue, we'll only count it once toward total sales generated.

The Activity feed

Your activity feed is a real-time update of all the recent activity on your loyalty program. Here you can see who is earning points, who is signing up, and who is redeeming rewards. The activity feed is chronological, meaning that the most recent activity will appear near the top of the card.

If you want a closer look at your store's revenue and analytics, check out Getting started with Revenue & Analytics for more.

Common questions

Have feedback about the dashboard?

Chat with us in the bottom right corner, we'd love to hear your feedback!

Can I show this and hide the widget?

Yes! You can hide the widget and open it through a deep link while this setting is enabled. See our article on using deep links to open and hide the Loyalty widget for more.

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