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Set customer eligibility to 'All' for backwards compatibility with subscription apps

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In Rivo Loyalty, redeemed rewards are usually tied to a specific customer, but we understand that there are situations where it's useful to have rewards apply to any customer. With this fantastic feature, you can now set discount codes that can be used by anyone. This means they can be seamlessly integrated with certain subscription apps, creating a more inclusive and flexible rewards system for all users.

Note: The feature must be enabled by the Rivo team. If you'd like this enabled, please send a note to [email protected].

How it works

Due to Shopify Subscriptions API limitations, discount codes that they tied to one customer or a segment(s) of customers are not recognized by certain subscription apps (ex. Recharge). Instead of manually changing the eligibility per code in your Shopify admin, this feature allows you to automatically change the setting for every reward redeemed by your customers.

  1. A customer redeems a reward

  2. Instead of the reward being tied to a specific customer, the reward is now tied to any customer

  3. Members can now use their reward to apply toward subscription purchases.

How to enable this feature

Send your customer success manager a quick message at [email protected] and we'll turn this feature on for you.

Common questions

Will this change the status of previous reward codes?

No. This will only change the status of future reward codes.

Can the reward code be used multiple times?

No. The discount code is set to one use per customer, which means that only the customer who redeemed their points will know what's the code and will be able to use it once.

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