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Automatically add tiered rewards at checkout
Automatically add tiered rewards at checkout

Increase VIP reward redemption with an extension to automatically add the discounts at checkout

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Enhance customer loyalty and elevate the shopping experience with personalized savings tailored to your customers' VIP status. Our extension seamlessly integrates with the checkout process, automatically applying discounts for members based on their tier.

✨ Checkout extensions are available to Shopify Plus merchants on the Rivo Plus plan who have upgraded to Checkout extensibility

How the extension works

We integrate Shopify features with our own to automate VIP rewards redemption. The extension is designed to add the discounts to your customers' orders at checkout.

  1. A customer logs into their account in your store or directly at checkout

  2. Once logged in, the extension will detect the VIP tier level they're in

  3. If the tier includes a reward set for automation, we will add the discount to the cart.

    Automatic discount for VIP Tiers

    Your customer won't need to enter a discount code or do anything else!

Use cases

The checkout extension supports the Amount Discount, Percentage Off, and Free Shipping rewards. Here are some practical scenarios to help you maximize the benefits of this feature:

  • Incentivize VIP customers to always use their rewards – Enable the automation for any VIP reward if you want it to be automatically added at checkout

  • Exclusive offers for certain VIP Tiers – You can choose which tiers can enjoy the discounts on their purchase

  • Permanent discounts for VIP members – Rather than giving members a one-time use discount when they unlock a tier, you can offer a discount that can be used on every purchase

  • Limited-time VIP sales – Add a special reward for your customers that can be later removed from their tier.

How to set up the extension

📝 Important Note: Our extension must work with a discount and a segment created in Shopify to apply the rewards successfully.

  1. Add the Rivo extension to your checkout

    Open the checkout editor and add the app block 'Rewards Automation By Tier Extension' to the preferred pages

  2. Create a customer segment in Shopify to group members by VIP tier

    We recommend enabling our Shopify tagging feature to automatically tag customers with their tier names, allowing you to filter your segments by these tags

    Shopify Segments page
  3. Create a discount code in Shopify for your VIP segment and reward

    The Free Shipping, Amount Discount, or Percentage Off reward must be backed up by a Shopify discount for the same value. In the end, this is the discount that will be added at checkout

    Shopify Discounts page

    Select the eligible VIP tier segment when creating the discount

    Customer elegibility for Shopify discount

    Optional: Set any additional conditions needed for your discount (ex. minimum purchase requirements, maximum discount uses, combinations, and active dates)

  4. Create the Rivo reward for your VIP tier

    Add a new reward for your tier and select the same type of discount as in Shopify

    Rivo VIP tier settings page

    Enter the Reward Title which will be displayed across Rivo on-site displays

    Check the option 'Apply reward static discount during checkout' and enter the exact discount code created in Shopify

  5. Save changes and that's it! You can test the extension and make any necessary adjustments.

Important considerations

  • We'll display the reward title under the VIP tier perks, but Rivo won't issue a one-time discount code or email it to customers after your members unlock the tier

  • Any condition required to use the VIP reward such as Apply To, Minimum Cart Requirement, Purchase Type, or Reward Expiration needs to be set from the Discounts page in Shopify.

Common questions

I don't want my VIP members to use the reward indefinitely. How can I set it for one-time use only?

If you want to set the automation for your VIP rewards but still want them to be used only once, please go to the Discounts page in the Shopify admin > search for the discount code > open the discount details > check the option 'Limit to one use per customer' under Maximum discount uses.

Where can I learn more about upgrading to Checkout extensibility?

To learn more you can check out this document from Shopify.

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