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Introducing Rivo Memberships

Rivo Memberships enables brands to earn recurring revenue for offering valuable benefits to their most loyal subscribers.

What will the first release of Rivo Memberships include?

The first version of Rivo memberships will let brands create a customized membership product for monthly or annual billing. The brand will be able to offer benefits in that membership to their subscribers.

  • Create a custom membership product: Set a name, price and billing interval for members to be charged on a recurring basis.

  • Offer custom benefits to your subscribers: Offer benefits like free shipping on every order, exclusive access to sales, priority support and any other custom benefit.

  • Subscribers can manage their benefits from an online portal: Subscribers will be able to change, cancel or edit their payment method for their subscription within Rivo Memberships.

  • Segment subscribed members: segment subscribed members in Shopify to offer custom benefits.

The Power of Loyalty is in memberships

The Power of Loyalty - Forerunner Ventures
  • Increase brand loyalty: reward your most loyal customers with monthly benefits.

  • Fully customize your members experience: offer an on-brand membership experience for your customers.

  • Generate monthly recurring revenue: brands can use memberships to leverage a new revenue stream to generate MRR (even when their orders are down seasonally).

Join the waitlist for Rivo Memberships

Grow Customer LTV with a memberships platform built for DTC brands on Shopify.

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