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Customizing the Loyalty Landing Page Settings
Customizing the Loyalty Landing Page Settings

A comprehensive guide on configuring Loyalty Landing Page settings in Rivo

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Accessing Landing Page Settings

To modify the settings of your Loyalty Landing Page, navigate from your Rivo dashboard to Loyalty Program > Onsite, and then click on Landing Page.

✨ The Loyalty Landing Page is available on the Scale & Plus plans. See pricing β†’

General Settings

This section allows you to customize button styles on the Loyalty Landing Page, including the Login/Signup banner buttons, their versions for logged-in users, and the modal button. You can match these buttons to your site's theme by copying the class name from an existing button and pasting it here.

How to Copy a Button's Class Name:

  1. On your storefront, right-click on the button whose style you want to copy.

  2. Select 'Inspect' from the right-click menu.

  3. In the console, find the highlighted HTML of the button which displays its class name.

  4. Copy this class name.

  5. Paste the class name into the corresponding field in Rivo for the button you're customizing.

Banner Settings

Customize the banner section of your loyalty landing page here. Adjust the texts and settings for both logged-out users and logged-in members.

Logged Out

  • Title: Example - "Join our Loyalty Program"

  • Subtitle: Example - "Join for free and begin earning points & rewards every time you shop."

  • Sign Up Button Text: "Join Now"

  • Login Button Text: "Sign In"

Logged In Member

  • Title: Example - "Welcome to the program"

  • Subtitle: Example - "As a member, you will earn points for shopping"

  • Earn Button Text: "Earn points"

  • Redeem Button Text: "Redeem Rewards"

How it Works / Activity Settings

Modify the instructions and steps for both logged-out users and logged-in members on how the loyalty program works.

Logged Out (How It Works)

Titles and subtitles for steps (e.g., Signup, Earn, Redeem) guiding new users through the loyalty program process.

Logged In (Member Activity)

Custom messages that display the user's name, points tally, and points expiration date. Also, settings for displaying user activities and available rewards.

Ways to Earn

Here, you can change the text for the section that explains how customers can earn points. Includes the modal copy for the celebrate a birthday way to earn such as fields for entering the date and saving it.

Ways to Redeem

This section allows you to edit how customers can redeem their points for rewards. Provide titles and subtitles for the available rewards.

VIP Tiers

Adjust the text for explaining the VIP Tiers of your loyalty program to both logged-out users and logged-in members, highlighting the benefits of joining the VIP loyalty program and the tiers available to members.

πŸ”Έ To change the names of individual rewards, ways to earn, or tiers, go to their specific settings. For example, to change the title of a way to earn, click 'edit' next to it in the Points Program menu.

Create a VIP Tiers Table

To enhance the Loyalty Landing Page with a detailed display of VIP Tiers, follow these steps to input and showcase the various tiers and their benefits. This table will be visible in the Rivo: VIP Tiers app section on your theme.

πŸ”Έ Any fields left blank in this table will not be displayed in the table on your storefront.

VIP Tiers Table Layout

Tier Names and Thresholds: Tier names are pulled in from your VIP Program Setup. Add any text you wish for the thresholds displayed underneath.

Perks by Tier: Specify the perks available at each tier. List each perk and denote which tiers qualify for them. Example perks include points per dollar spent, free shipping, and other benefits unique to your program.

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