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Sending Email from Your Custom Domain
Sending Email from Your Custom Domain
Add your own domain to Rivo Loyalty's emails
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Remove Rivo's sending domain from your automated emails and send them from your own instead! Read on to learn how to add your store domain to Rivo's mails for a truly branded email experience!

โœจ Sending email from your custom domain is available on the Growth plan and up

Adding Your Domain

  1. From the Rivo dashboard, go to Settings > Email > Custom Email Domain.

  2. Enter your store's domain and click Save.

    Copy the DNS names and values and add them to your domain's DNS records
  3. You will be provided with a set of 3 DNS records that you need to add to your domain's records.

    1. CNAME hostname & CNAME value

    2. SPF hostname & SPF value

    3. DKIM hostname & DKIM value

  4. Add these records according to your domain provider's process.

  5. When you have added the DNS records, click Verify Domain.

๐Ÿ’ก The CNAME will be added as a CNAME record type and the SPF & DKIM may be added as TXT record types.

Important Note on Adjusting Hostnames

Important: Add the shortened hostname when you are adding the DNS records with your domain provider, not in the fields in our app.

Depending on your domain provider and settings, you may need to add edited hostnames as follows (do not edit the values):

  • CNAME hostname: Remove your domain name so the hostname is email

  • SPF hostname: Replace your domain (e.g. with an @ symbol

  • DKIM hostname: Remove your domain name so the hostname ends in domain key.

See the table below for an example, where is the domain name:

Original hostname

Updated hostname

CNAME record


SPF record


DKIM record


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