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MESA integration

Add Rivo triggers and actions to your MESA workflows

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Rivo and MESA integration explained

MESA is a dynamic automation platform specifically tailored for the Shopify ecosystem. Now, you can add Rivo to your automation workflows. This article will guide you through the integration setup and provide details on the available Rivo triggers and actions within MESA. Let's dive in!

✨ This integration requires Rivo API access, which is available on the Plus plan. See pricing β†’

Connecting Rivo with MESA

1. Obtain your Rivo API Key

  • From the Rivo: Loyalty & Referrals dashboard, go to Settings.

  • Under Settings, select Developer Toolkit.

  • Click the Copy button next to the API Key.

2. Integrate with MESA

  • In MESA, create a new workflow with a Rivo trigger.

  • When prompted, paste the copied API Key into the Rivo Account Credentials Rivo password field.

  • Click on Add Credential.

Your MESA platform is now seamlessly integrated with Rivo.

πŸ’‘ Find out more: Read MESA's guide to using Rivo in their workflow builder here. For a general introduction to using MESA, click here.

Rivo Triggers and Actions in MESA


These are specific events within Rivo that can initiate a workflow in MESA.

  • Loyalty Points Earned: Starts when loyalty points are earned.

  • Customer VIP Tier Updated: Starts when a customer VIP tier is modified.

  • Points Redemption Created: Starts when points are redeemed.


These represent the various Rivo operations that can be incorporated into a MESA workflow.

  • Retrieve VIP Tier: Grab all details about a VIP tier.

  • Update Customer's VIP Tier: Update a customer's VIP tier.

  • Update Customer: Modify a customer.

  • Retrieve Customer: Grab all details about a customer.

  • Get List of Points Redemptions: Obtain a list of points redemptions.

  • Get List of VIP Tiers: Obtain a list of VIP tiers.

  • Get List of Rewards: Obtain a list of rewards.

  • Get List of Referrals: Obtain a list of referrals.

  • Get List of Points Events: Obtain a list of points events.

  • Get List of Earning Rules: Obtain a list of earning rules.

  • Get List of Customers: Obtain a list of customers.

  • Create Referral: Create a referral.

  • Create Points Redemption: Redeem a reward for points.

  • Add Points to Customer's Points Balance: Create a points event to adjust a customer's points balance.

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