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Mailchimp integration

Connect Mailchimp to Rivo and get the most out of the loyalty data about your customers for email marketing strategies

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Rivo and Mailchimp integration explained

If you think members of your Loyalty program are the best audience you can attempt to reach, this doc is for you! Our integration with Mailchimp helps you pass the Loyalty data so you can create different segments for your email marketing strategies.

✨ Integrations are available on the Scale and Plus plans. See pricing β†’

Connecting Rivo with Mailchimp

  1. From the Rivo Dashboard, go to Integrations

  2. Find Mailchimp in the Email & SMS Marketing section and click Configure

  3. Click Configure

  4. On the Mailchimp Integration page, click Connect

    Mailchimp Integration page in Rivo
  1. You will be prompted to sign in to your Mailchimp account to authorize Rivo. After logging in, click Allow

  2. Choose a list/audience from the menu and click Sync.

Using Loyalty data to create segments in Mailchimp

Segmentation allows you to send email/ad campaigns to a specific audience based on criteria such as the contact properties about your Loyalty program.

Mailchimp segments
  1. From the Mailchimp Dashboard, click Audience

  2. Click Segments

  3. On the top right corner, click Create segment

  4. You'll see a widget where you can add conditions to your segment

    1. Source (e.g. Rivo)

    2. Rivo Loyalty Status (e.g. member)

    3. Rivo Points balance (e.g. 500)

    4. Rivo Referral URL (e.g.

    5. Rivo VIP Tier Name (e.g. silver)

  5. Click Preview segment to see the result. Please note that you will only see members who have opted-in to marketing communications

  6. Click Edit segment if you need to make any changes or click Save Segment

  7. Input a descriptive name for the segment in the pop-up and click Save.

Adding Merge Tags with Loyalty data to email campaigns

Mailchimp's merge tags are useful for all kinds of dynamic information, including the Loyalty data of your customers, and they can be used for email campaigns. Check for more details on Getting Started with Merge Tags for Email β†’

Rivo tags

Rivo Points Balance


Rivo Loyalty Status


Rivo Referral URL


Rivo VIP Tier Name



Merged tags will display as invalid if you haven't selected an audience in the campaign builder checklist. Return to the checklist and add your recipients in the 'To' section, then continue to design your email. If merge tags aren't working the way you expect, please check out Mailchimp's troubleshooting guide or reach out to us via [email protected]

Previewing Loyalty data in Profile Information

  1. From the Mailchimp Dashboard, click Audience

  2. Click All contacts

  3. Click any customer profile you want to check

  4. Find the Profile Information section and see the Rivo properties.

Common questions

How long does it take to reflect new members or update Loyalty data in Mailchimp?

For new members, it can take up to 3 minutes until the contact/properties are successfully synced to Mailchimp. In the case of the Loyalty data of existing contacts, it should be updated right away.

Why can't I see all my customers in Mailchimp?

The Loyalty data is added to customers who have enabled accounts in your store (Members) and who have also subscribed to marketing offers.

How do I disconnect the integration?

Visit the Integration page and click Disconnect.

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