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Email your customers to join your Loyalty Program
Email your customers to join your Loyalty Program

Enhance your customers engagement by sending emails to join your Loyalty Program.

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Announce your Loyalty program to your customers through an email campaign. Maximize engagement with your customers by sending them an email to get them to sign up for your Loyalty program.

Email your customers to join your Loyalty Program

Make the Email Attractive

Be clear on how your point-based loyalty program works (e.g. earning one point per dollar spent is both easy to understand and a simple way to acquire rewards). You can do this by including clear CTA buttons and links so your audience can easily sign up or redeem the offer (e.g. link it to your rewards page). Communicate that itโ€™s a special offer for members only as this will increase feelings of loyalty and being part of the community.

Your rewards page default URL is

How to Create a Campaign on Klaviyo

Klaviyoโ€™s campaign wizard guides you through the steps for creating your campaign.

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns tab.

  2. Click Create Campaign.

  3. Choose Email.

You can use these variables to quickly copy and paste them into your Klaviyo campaigns.

To display your Customer's points balance in emails using HTML

Your Points Balance is {{ person|lookup:"Rivo Points Balance" }}

To display your Customers Loyalty Status in emails using HTML

Your Loyalty Account status is {{ person|lookup:"Rivo Loyalty Status" }}

To display your Customers Referral URL using HTML

Your Referral URL is {{ person|lookup:"Rivo Referral URL" }}

To display your Customer's VIP Tier using HTML

Your VIP Tier is {{ person|lookup:"Rivo VIP Tier Name" }}

To display your Customer's date of birth using HTML

Your date of birth is {{ person|lookup:"Rivo Date of Birth" }}

Learn more about creating and sending campaigns on Klaviyo here and learn about integrating Rivo with Klaviyo here.

Download Canva Templates

We prepared a few templates on Canva to help you get started. Find them below:

How to edit the templates to fit your brand

Follow these simple steps to edit the templates on Canva:

  1. Sign in or create a free account on Canva.

  2. Click from one of the links above, and then choose Use template.

  3. Choose the design(s) you like the most.

  4. Edit the colors, images, and text to be aligned with your brand.

  5. When you are done, go to Share on the top right > select the format > Download.

๐Ÿ“ If you want to get creative, you can select any other template from Canva to promote your rewards program.

Learn more about editing templates on Canva here.

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