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Customize Your Loyalty Email Settings
Customize Your Loyalty Email Settings

Learn how to customize your shop's email settings and templates without code.

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Customize your Email Settings for your program notifications to match your store's brand. In this guide, we'll take a look at the basic settings for email notifications to help you get started with just a few clicks!

Email Settings

Customize your Email Settings to match your store's brand. To edit the Email Settings from the dashboard, go to Settings at the bottom-left of the page and select Email.

You can adjust the From name and email that is displayed on your emails, as well as the email address that replies will go to.

  • From name - The name visible to customers in their inbox.

  • From email - The email address visible to customers receiving your email.

  • Reply email - Specify an email for customers to reply to your emails.

By default, these will be your store's brand name and the email address associated with your Shopify account.

Design and Brand

From the Email Settings page, click the Edit Email Design button under the Design and Brand section.

From here you can:

  • Change the appearance of all of your email's color schemes

  • Customize the button border radius

  • Add header media

    • Banner image (1200px by 480px)

    • or a logo image (400px by 144px).

💡 Find out more: Check out our guide on Customizing Email styles & branding

Custom CSS

On an Enterprise or Premium plan and want to add Custom CSS to your emails? Reach out to your customer success manager at [email protected] and we'll enable this feature for free.

Email Opt-In Level

For cases when you want emails to be sent to those who want to hear from you, you can enable the Require Explicit Email Opt-In Level so that Rivo only notifies customers whose marketing status is shown as Subscribed in Shopify.

Send email from your own custom email Domain

You can remove Rivo's sending domain from your loyalty program emails and send them from your own instead.

Read our guide on how to add your store domain to Rivo's emails in Sending Email from your Custom Domain.

Copy the DNS names and values and add them to your domain's DNS records

Custom URL Path

By default, the URL is set to /, which directs customers to the homepage when they click the CTA button in the emails from the loyalty program. However, if you complete the URL path, you can give your customers a more personalized experience by directing them to any page in your store (i.e.

Common questions

Why I can't add my custom domain?

If you are not able to edit your custom domain, please make sure you have configured at least one domain in Shopify: Adding a domain to Shopify.

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