Birthday Points

Show your customers some love and appreciation by giving them extra points on their birthday!

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Enabling Birthday Points

Customers Add their Birthday

Notifying your Customers

Common Questions

Enabling Birthday Points

1. From the Loyalty dashboard, go to Programs > Points.

2. Under Earning Points, toggle the Celebrate a birthday switch to ON.

3. The reward is set to 250 points by default. If you want to change this amount, just click Edit.

4. Type in the new amount.

5. Save your changes!

Customers Add their Birthday

With this feature enabled, now when the customer logs in they will see the option to add their birthday in Ways to Earn.

Note: We ask for 30 days' notice on birthday dates for members to receive these points. If a member enters a birthday within 30 days of the date on which they added it, they will have to wait until the next year to receive their points.

Notifying your Customers

You can send your customers a Happy Birthday email to let them know about your gift. To enable these emails:

1. From the dashboard, go to Programs > Emails.

2. Toggle the Celebrate Birthday switch to ON.

3. If you would like to change the messaging of these emails, just click Edit.

4. Enter your custom text in the appropriate fields.

5. Any edits you make will show in the live preview on the right.

6. When you're happy with how your email looks don't forget to Save any changes.

Common Questions

Can a customer earn points every month if they edit their birthday?

No, there is an automatic limit of one per year for this reward. Customers may edit their birthday if they wish, but they can only earn points once per year for this reward.

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