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Connect Klaviyo to Rivo to add loyalty data about your customers in your Klaviyo email campaigns

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Klaviyo and Rivo integration explained

Our integration facilitates the dynamic communication between Rivo and Klaviyo to supercharge your marketing efforts. By passing loyalty and referral data to Klaviyo, you can create targeted, personalized, and effective emails that engage, convert, and retain customers.

✨ Integrations are available on the paid plans. Check out how many apps you can integrate with your Rivo account here

What does the integration do?

  • Add Rivo properties to customer profiles in Klaviyo:

    • Rivo Date of Birth

    • Rivo Loyalty Status

    • Rivo Points Balance

    • Rivo Referral URL

    • Rivo VIP Tier Name

  • Trigger a flow when a customer takes an action within your program:

    • Customer moves down a tier

    • Customer moves up a tier

    • Points earned

    • Referral completed

    • Reward redeemed

  • View the Rivo events completed by the customers on the profile page

  • Populate customer and event properties in emails through tags

  • Create customer segments based on any Rivo property.

How to connect Rivo with Klaviyo

To set up the integration, you will need to access your Klaviyo account and get your private API key with customized access.

  1. From your Rivo Dashboard, go to Integrations

  2. Find Klaviyo in the Email & SMS Marketing section

  3. Click Configure

  4. Enter your Klaviyo private API key

    Klaviyo integration page in Rivo
  5. Click Save

  6. Optional: Check the Rivo events you would like to add to Klaviyo

    Klaviyo integration page in Rivo
  7. Turn the integration to ON

  8. Click Sync Customers to start sending Loyalty data to Klaviyo.

📝 Important Note: As soon as your customers begin taking actions within the program, Rivo will add these events to your Klaviyo account.

Where to find my API Key?

  1. Log into your Klaviyo account

  2. Go to Settings > API keys

  3. Copy any private API key you have set for third-party integrations or create a new private API key

    Klaviyo API Keys

💡 Find out more: Check out the permissions we need in your private API key here.

Using Rivo events to trigger your flows

Create a metric-triggered flow in Klaviyo that starts when a customer takes an action within your program.

  1. Log into your Klaviyo account

  2. Go to Flows

  3. Click Create Flows > Create From Scratch

    Creating a flow in Klaviyo
  4. Enter the name of your new flow in the pop-up and click Create Flow

  5. Select Metric from the Trigger Setup panel in the sidebar

    Creating a flow in Klaviyo
  6. To quickly locate the Rivo events, search for 'Rivo' in the dropdown menu. In this example, we will add 'Rivo Points Earned'

    Creating a flow in Klaviyo
  7. Optional: Add filters to the trigger if you want to be more specific on when the flow should start

  8. Click Done

  9. Once you have completed your flow, click Review and turn on to set your flow live or save it as a draft.

    Creating a flow in Klaviyo

Flow triggers & filters

The following Rivo events will show up as metrics within the flow editor. You can use them along with the filters to trigger a flow.

Flow triggers

Trigger filters

Rivo Customer Moves Down A Tier

• vip_tier_name

Rivo Customer Moves Up A Tier

• vip_tier_name

Rivo Points Earned

• earnings_amount
• trigger_name

Rivo Referral Completed

• friend_email

Rivo Reward Redeemed

• reward_code
• reward_name
• reward_tos

Important considerations

  • To have a Rivo event included in the list of flow triggers, it's necessary for a customer to complete the action following your configuration of the triggers in your Rivo account

  • Rivo events can be used in the Conditional Split logic too

  • Trigger filters are optional

  • To prevent flows from sending emails after manual points adjustments, add the filter trigger_name doesn't equal Manual to the Rivo Points Earned trigger

  • Deactivate any Rivo email set up within a Klaviyo flow. This will avoid sending duplicate notifications to customers from both platforms.

Using Loyalty data in a Klaviyo email

You can use different variables to populate Rivo data in your emails. If you want to add properties about a customer such as the points balance or tier name, use personalization tags.

Customer properties in Klaviyo

On the other hand, if you need to add information about the action that your customer has just completed in the program such as the reward code or amount of points earned, use the event properties.

Event properties in Klaviyo

With event properties, you can easily recreate the Rivo emails in Klaviyo.

Add customer properties



{{ person|lookup:"Rivo Points Balance"|default:" " }}


{{ person|lookup:"Rivo Loyalty Status"|default:" " }}


{{ person|lookup:"Rivo VIP Tier Name"|default:" " }}


{{ person|lookup:"Rivo Referral URL"|default:" " }}

{{ person|lookup:"Rivo Date of Birth"|default:" " }}


💡 Pro Tip: Discover all date formats available on Date personalization in templates reference.

Add event properties

Customer Moves Up/Down A Tier event


{{ event.vip_tier_name|default:'' }}


Points Earned event


{{ event.trigger_name|default:'' }}

Placed an order

{{ event.earnings_amount|default:'' }}


Referral Completed event


{{ event.friend_email|default:'' }}

Reward Redeemed event


{{ event.reward_name|default:'' }}

$7 off coupon

{{ event.reward_code|default:'' }}


{{ event.reward_tos|default:'' }}

Applies to all orders over $5.00.Expires 2 month(s) after being redeemed.

Important considerations

  • Rivo properties about a customer can be used in your campaign and flow emails

  • Rivo event properties are based on your customer behavior, so they can only be used in a flow email

  • If your Referrals program is enabled, we recommend building metric-triggered flows with the Referral Completed and Reward Redeemed events

  • If your VIP program is enabled, we recommend building metric-triggered flows with the Customer Moves Up/Down A Tier and Reward Redeemed events

  • The Smart Sending feature can skip Loyalty emails sent through Klaviyo if they're delivered within a short period of time to the same customer. Carefully review the wait time or turn the feature off.

Viewing Rivo events in a customer profile

Every customer profile in Klaviyo has a timeline of actions performed by the customer, including the Rivo events.

  1. Log into your Klaviyo account

  2. Search for a customer by email and open the profile

  3. On the right side of the profile page, you'll see the timeline of events

  4. Click on All events and search for 'Rivo' in the dropdown menu

    Customer profile in Klaviyo
  5. Select the event(s) you want to view

  6. Optional: Filter by dates.

💡 Pro Tip: Use Klaviyo Analytics to understand how the event data evolves over time.

Creating segments based on Loyalty data

Group your customers based on their Rivo properties and target your emails.

  1. Log into your Klaviyo account

  2. Go to Audience > Lists & segments

  3. Click the Create List / Segment button in the top right and select Segment

  4. Give it a name, for example, Rivo Points over 100

  5. Under Definition, select Properties about someone

  6. Search for 'Rivo' in the Dimension field and you'll see all the properties

  7. Optional: Add more conditions or set the tag to add to customers who enter the segment

  8. Click Create Segment.

Common questions

What permissions should I grant in the API key?

Please give access to Accounts, Campaigns, Catalogs, Data Privacy, Events, Flows, List, Metrics, Profiles, Segments, Subscriptions, Tags, and Templates

What is the difference between customer properties and event properties?

  • You add customer properties to any email through personalization tags. Event properties are variables that you copy and paste into your flow emails depending on the flow trigger selected

  • Personalization tags are for populating email content with Loyalty program data, such as the current tier level, points balance, etc

  • Event properties are used to populate email content with flow-trigger data.

Why can't I see all the events in Klaviyo?

Rivo events that you enabled will be added by the time your customers complete actions, which means that in some cases stores might need to gradually migrate from Rivo Loyalty emails to Klaviyo emails.

Why did my customer receive two emails after completing an action?

Disable any Rivo email notifications that you've previously configured within a Klaviyo flow. This prevents duplicate notifications from being sent to customers from both platforms.

Why do I see the year 1930 in my customer's date of birth?

Rivo does not request the year of birth of your customers, but as Klaviyo supports dates formatted in YYYY-MM-DD, we fill in a fictional year so that you are able to filter between dates. You can change the date format in your emails.

Can Rivo import customers into Klaviyo?
Rivo syncs with your existing customer data in Klaviyo by matching users based on email. If a customer exists in your Rivo list but not your Klaviyo list, Rivo cannot create a profile for them in Klaviyo.

Does Rivo send guest Loyalty data?

Yes. Rivo passes the Loyalty data of both guests and members to Klaviyo.

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