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Connect Klaviyo to Rivo Loyalty to add loyalty data about your customers in your Klaviyo email campaigns
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Our Klaviyo integration enables Rivo Loyalty and Klaviyo to communicate with each other. This integration can be thought of as Rivo Loyalty passing loyalty data to Klaviyo to use in your Klaviyo emails. Below we'll walk through how you can supercharge your program by syncing your Rivo Loyalty Data with Klaviyo.

How to connect Rivo Loyalty with Klaviyo

  1. On the settings page, navigate to Integrations.

  2. From the integrations page, click Configure.

  3. From here you can connect your Klaviyo account using your Klaviyo API key. If you don't have an API key yet, click the blue "Create private API key" button.

  4. After copying your Klaviyo API key, paste it into the Private API Key field and click Update Integration.

  5. Turn the integration to On.

  6. Click Sync Customers to start sending Rivo Loyalty data to Klaviyo.

πŸ“ Note: Depending on how many customers you have, the sync may take some time, once the sync is complete, the notification on the top of the page will disappear.

Now you're sending data from Rivo Loyalty to Klaviyo! Read on below to learn how the integration works and how to use it.

What does the Klaviyo Integration do?

With the Rivo and Klaviyo integration, you can send Rivo Loyalty information over to Klaviyo. You can send your customers Rivo Points Balance, Rivo Loyalty Status, Rivo Referral URL, and their Rivo VIP Tier Name.

These Rivo Loyalty Properties will be synced to your Klaviyo customer profiles

  • Rivo Points Balance: 100

  • Rivo Loyalty Status: members, guest, excluded.

  • Rivo VIP Tier Name: Gold, Silver etc.

  • Rivo Date of Birthdate: 1930-MM-DD.

Using Rivo Loyalty data in a Klaviyo email campaign

  1. In Klaviyo on the left sidebar, click Lists & Segments.

  2. Click the blue Create List/Segment in the top right.

  3. Give it a name, for example, Rivo Points over 100.

  4. Under Definition, select conditions Properties about someone.

  5. Search for Rivo in the Dimension field and you should see 4 properties to use, listed above.

So now that you have a segment, you can create a campaign to use that segment data you just set using the app.

πŸ“ Note: Klaviyo does not support two-way syncing between apps. Rivo passes information to Klaviyo, but not the other way around. Think of this integration as a one-way street.

Quick copy and paste variables

Rivo's Klaviyo integration works off of Klaviyo's template tags. To learn how to use these template tags head over to Klaviyo's docs here.

You can use these variables to quickly copy and paste them into your Klaviyo campaigns.

To display your Customer's points balance in emails using HTML

Your Points Balance is {{ person|lookup:"Rivo Points Balance" }}

To display your Customers Loyalty Status in emails using HTML

Your Loyalty Account status is {{ person|lookup:"Rivo Loyalty Status" }}

To display your Customers Referral URL using HTML

Your Referral URL is {{ person|lookup:"Rivo Referral URL" }}

To display your Customer's VIP Tier using HTML

Your VIP Tier is {{ person|lookup:"Rivo VIP Tier Name" }}

To display your Customer's date of birth using HTML

Your date of birth is {{ person|lookup:"Rivo Date of Birth" }} 

Common questions

If I update my customer's point balance or VIP tier, how long will that take to reflect in Klaviyo?

Instantly, once the points balance is updated, then it will update right away.

Why do I see the year 1930 in my customer's date of birth?

Rivo does not request the year of birth of your customers when they submit their birthdays, but as Klaviyo supports dates formatted in YYYY-MM-DD, we fill in a fictional year so that you are able to filter between dates.

How do I disconnect the integration?

Visit the integration page and remove your private API key and set the integration to Off.

Can Rivo import customers into Klaviyo?
Rivo syncs with your existing customer data in Klaviyo by matching users based on email. If a customer exists in your Rivo list but not your Klaviyo list, Rivo cannot create a profile for them in Klaviyo.

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