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Custom Ways to Earn for VIP Tiers
Custom Ways to Earn for VIP Tiers

Add a custom earning value that gives customers an extra incentive to spend more on every order they make

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Are you looking to reward your VIP members with more points for every action? With our new custom Ways to Earn for Tiers, you can now set specific point amounts for targeted customers and create unique earning opportunities in your Loyalty program.

✨ Custom Ways to Earn for VIP Tiers are available on the Scale and Plus plans. See pricing β†’

How it works

Let's say that you award 1 point for every dollar spent in your store, but you also desire to amplify point earnings for higher-tier members. With custom Ways to Earn for VIP Tiers, you can set a rule where Gold members earn 3 points for every dollar spent, while Silver members only earn 2 points and Bronze members earn 1 point.

VIP Tiers settings

Custom Ways to Earn available

  • Place an order

  • Celebrate a birthday

πŸ’‘ Need more custom Ways to Earn? Please submit your feedback here

Setting up custom Ways to Earn for tiers

  1. Go to Loyalty > VIP Tiers

  2. Scroll down to Advanced Settings and click Edit

    Advanced Settings section
  3. Mark the option Allow customers to earn different points on different tiers

    Advanced Settings
  4. Click Update

  5. On the same page, find the VIP Tiers section and click Edit on a tier

    VIP Tiers section
  6. Under Custom Ways to Earn, click on the preferred earning rule

    Customs Ways to Earn section on the tier settings page
  7. The Way to Earn settings will show the VIP Tiers section. Click Edit on a tier

    Setting the earning value for a tier
  8. Select your preferred values and click Save

    Setting the earning value for a tier
  9. Repeat the steps to add the custom earning values for your next tiers.

πŸ“ Important Note: The Default value on a tier means the members will earn points after completing the action according to the global value.

πŸ’‘ Pro Tip: You can also edit custom earning values for your tiers from the Points program (Loyalty > Points > Edit the Way to Earn > VIP Tiers section)

Common questions

I want to multiply 4 points for every higher tier. What values should I set?

  • Earning Value (base): 1 point

  • Earning Value (intermediate): 4 points

  • Earning Value (highest): 8 points.

Can I multiply points for other actions?

You can only set different earning values to the 'Place an order' and 'Celebrate a birthday' Ways to Earn at the moment, but we would love to hear your ideas! Please submit your feedback here.

How can I adjust the global earning value?

Once you have added the first custom Way to Earn for your VIP Tiers, the global earning value will be deactivated. Be sure to specify a value for the remaining tiers, even if they share the same value. You can also delete all custom earning values if necessary.

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